Chronicles of a College Kid: Homeschool Prom

Chronicles of a College Kid: Homeschool Prom

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LOTViolists is growing up so fast! Sniff! —Sparkitors

Sparklers, today I write to you about the amazing event we all know and love: the senior prom.

Homeschoolers often have the option of attending a homeschool prom. Around here, local homeschool moms set up a location, date, and time, and then email the homeschool list with the plan. Prom is so exciting. Now I know some people think prom is annoying—you have to go through all this STUFF just to have a good time! Well, in my opinion, the STUFF is what makes up the good time.

Dress. Despite the running around and price debates, I loved looking for a prom dress last year. Shopping is such a pain in the butt, yet for some inexplicable reason, the mini-drama of it is kinda fun, too. This year, I halved the stress by buying one dress for a concert and the prom.

Drama. Last year, I thought of everyone I knew, and quickly decided on someone who would laugh and have a good time. But this year, I had my eye on three different potential guys. Each day, I made a "final" decision, but the next day I was swung in the opposite direction. It caused me no end of mental turmoil. Finally one day my mom got fed up with my out-of-character seesawing and made me decide. So I did. I never looked back. Turns out that I made the perfect decision in my friend who lives nearby. We'll call him PD (Prom Date). Drama really can be fun, when you look back on it (never while it's happening, of course).

Coordination. PD and I both happened to love the burgundy color of my dress. It wasn't too difficult to find makeup, shoes, nail polish, flowers, a tie, and purse to match. My mom and I went out and got gold eyeliner and eyeshadow. I borrowed my mom's best mascara, and my aunt lent me her best lipstick when mine turned out to be too orange. (It was my first official lipstick, too!) There was a minor crisis when my mom finished my makeup, but then decided it made me look as pale as dough. Then she decided it was the fault of our dumb bathroom light. Eventually, it was decided that the makeup looked good. The nail polish was difficult as well. It was the perfect color, but it dried at the speed of light, clumping up on the brush itself. Plus, my fingernails have certain... shall we say disadvantages? My nail beds are several centimeters deep (I'm estimating), and my fingernails must be kept short for the viola. After painting them twice and twisting back 2 pieces of my hair, I was pretty much all set.

The reveal. Finally, covered in glitter, perfume, and hairspray, I waited at the top of the steps. My closest relatives waited at the bottom, poised and ready to ogle me, clap, take pictures, ooh and ahh, and videotape me. Attention can be a good thing, but for some reason, making a show of myself like this is always a little embarrassing. Finally, PD and the flowers came to rescue me. We attached one another's corsage and boutonnière (PD was very patient and my application of the stupid little bouquet was actually somehow successful). Then, when it was time to take pictures again, I had someone to suffer with. (Just kidding, family. I love having you there.)

In the end, we both looked great. We were excited to have a good time. We climbed into the minivan with the middle seats removed (yay homemade limo, thanks dad!) and finally set off for the prom. We had a ton of fun, through fast dances, line dances, dinner, dessert, shirley temples, quiet patio relaxations, and slow dances. We got lots of comments on how well-dressed we were and what great dancers we were. (Confidence is always the key, my friends.) PD was a total gentleman, pulling out my chair and getting me my drinks. The whole night was a blast. I left that prom feeling like a princess, and I thank everyone involved for helping it to be a wonderful memory of my senior year. I'll miss the prom next year!

Except, not too much... because at UNCSA, they have an annual ball. Yeahhh man.

I hope you all have great proms!

How was your prom, if it's happened yet? Did you enjoy the preparation?

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