Life According to Ginger: Graduation, Summer, and Robert Louis Stevenson

Life According to Ginger: Graduation, Summer, and Robert Louis Stevenson

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Hey Sparklers, guess what? I bet you can guess. You get three seconds.

(3, 2, 1)

I'm done with high school! It has ALMOST sunk in. I keep on trying to remember what homework I had in Physics. But I'm pretty sure that the fact that it's summer is absolutely amazing. To all those people who aren’t done yet, be warned: this article contains a good deal of gloating. Tee-hee! Feel free to imagine me dancing, laughing, and pointing my finger at you.

I’m sorry—I’m not that mean. That was actually Mr. Hyde. I drank a potion that split my Id and Superego a while ago—shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Here’s a list of the pros and cons of finishing high school!


  • No more AP Calculus. This, by an infinite number of light years, is the best part about graduating.
  • I am now allowed to go to the bathroom without permission.
  • I can come back to school and be automatically cooler than everyone who is younger than me. (Mr. Hyde says: if you visit your school, you are automatically pathetic.)
  • I won’t have to write an essay for at least a couple of months!
  • It is freaking summer.
  • I get to watch Mean Girls with my favorite English teacher, Pamela! I can’t wait. We’re totally going to be best friends.
  • No longer do I have to pretend to care about el subjunctivo tiempo.
  • There is going to be SO much food at my party.
  • I can now wear shirts that show my shoulders! Get ready, world, here I come!
  • I am out of high school! Need I truly say more? I feel like a little kid again—I just have to find my slip n’ slide!
  • I’m definitely going to have a slip n’ slide party.
  • I can now go into the teachers lounge without fear of getting yelled at. YES!
  • I get to go to the beach in August! I’m doing the beach dance right now, and it goes something like this: rah, rah, clapclapclap, roh mah, clapclapclapclap, ga, ga, clapclapclap (stare intently at laptop)


  • My BFF’s and I won’t be able to wear pink together on Wednesdays anymore.
  • Approximately 57.3 repetitions of Pomp and Circumstance.
  • No more am I allowed to identify with the Breakfast Club. What will I do without Judd Nelson?
  • I spent almost two hours cleaning out all my facebook friends, and I didn’t get anywhere. Why am I friends with so many people I don’t know? A paradox.
  • No Glee in the summer—I’m hyperventilating a little bit right now.
  • I won’t be able to work anymore on the class mural—it’s Star Wars themed, too! It’s pretty much the coolest mural you have seen in your life. (Mr. Hyde here: You will probably never see that mural.)
  • I work like a fiend in the summer—this involves nannying and working in a deli. I’ll write about my jobs soon. I have so many fun stories!
  • Sometimes I mistake our mosquitoes for hummingbirds.
  • No more passing notes (clichéd, I know, don’t judge) during class.
  • I don’t get to pledge my allegiance to a piece of fabric every morning anymore.
  • My school has the best cookies you will ever taste. They completely make up for the pizza that is actually plastic.
  • Perhaps I will miss some of my friends. A lot.
  • I might miss my teachers more. We’ll see.

I hope you learned something from my incredibly insightful and detailed list!

Ginger's song of the week: This song has one of my favorite guitar solos ever. Get ready for your face to melt like that guy from Indiana Jones!

P.S. Like the picture? It reminds me of High School Musical. I’m a bit of a masochist like that.

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