Chronicles of a College Kid: 7 Things I Hope Don't Happen in College

Chronicles of a College Kid: 7 Things I Hope Don't Happen in College

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LOTViolists, getting lost is GOOD: it gives you an excuse to ask hot guys for directions. —Sparkitors

As a followup to my last post, I'd like to share with you a few things that I hope DON'T happen in college!! (Besides the obvious, like hating college, or not becoming a superhero.)

1. I fight with my chamber group. In some chamber groups I've been in, every rehearsal was difficult, because we fought and disagreed all the time. Plus, many of the members didn't take it seriously. I was so frustrated that at times I was moved to tears. Wouldn't it be nice if this didn't happen?? It would be almost as nice as having an ice cream machine, like we did at the camp I went to in 2008. This camp was on a college campus, so I can hope!

2. People think I'm shy. I am NOT shy. Never have been, since I was little. I've always considered confidence one of my best attributes. Once, on the Fourth of July, the field next to our house was full of people, and music was playing. An Elvis song came on, and I piled my hair on top of my head, made an Elvis lip, and danced to the song in the middle of the field in front of everyone. When I'm around friends, I cackle like there's no tomorrow, scaring people as I slam into walls with laughter. But when I'm around certain people, sometimes I'm more subdued. It's a little bit because I'm afraid they wouldn't stay my friends if I got all crazy. It's also a little bit because I try to be respectable when I'm in an important situation. But somehow, people who I am quieter around come to believe I am shy. Shocking. I aim not to have this happen in college!

3. I get into trouble. I tend not to get into trouble. I just follow the rules and remain decent. I aim not to slip up and get into trouble at the school, since that could ruin my reputation. If I did something REALLY bad, I might lose my scholarship, but I'm not talking about that sort of serious misbehavior. I'd just like to stay out of all kinds of trouble.

4. I get horribly sick or injured. Recently I had some really killer sinus pressure that made me WANT my head to explode. I didn't feel like doing anything—not school, not practice, not sitting up, not walking... so I don't know how I would've gotten myself to a doctor's office in college. Getting sick would be really inconvenient, and exploding heads are kinda gross, especially when mucus is involved, so I'd like to spare everyone that experience. I hope I don't get sick.

5. I forget something very important. It would be kind of sad to forget, say, my clothes, or my viola. Running around the mall trying to find a new wardrobe might sound fun, but it wouldn't be very fun if I were doing it in 5-day-old clothes that were greasy and smelled of B.O. and my mom had to fork over all the money. Then I'd be forced to go to the local thrift store and buy some ridiculous, ugly, old maid clothes. Yeah. Double-checking the pack list sounds like a very good idea.

6. I get lost, or lose something valuable. I know the campus isn't very big, but sometimes it's hard to find your way around new places. Even if I payed attention to the campus tour, if I didn't have a friend constantly with me the first few days, I'd probably get lost. Or maybe someday I'll miss an important turn and forget how to get to wherever I was going. If I make any friends, this probably won't happen, but there's always a possibility. Also, at the aforementioned camp, I lost my camera. With all the pictures and memories recorded on it. We searched for it all morning. But... we never found it. Ever. I'd HATE for that to happen ever again. So I hope it doesn't happen in college.

7. I become readdicted to the computer. I took a week-long break from the computer once I stayed up REALLY late to use it... (That's why I haven't been writing lately—I'm sorry, but I'm back now!!) I realize being addicted to the computer is detrimental to my health and my mental and social life in general. I want to avoid this at all costs. Also, I want to avoid getting addicted to my brand-new iPod touch or my phone when I get it in a few days. (LG Lotus? I think SO.)

What are your fears about going to college?

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