Life According to Ginger: Packing List

Life According to Ginger: Packing List

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So I’m going to gloat a little bit now. If you object to this, please avert your eyes. Ahem. Here goes. I am totally going to have my own bathroom at school next year! (I assume it will look exactly like the one in the picture.)

OK, "my own" might be a bit of a stretch. I guess I’ll have to share it with my two roommates. Or I could lock myself in and let them launch a siege against me. I’ll have to get some fortifications… envision a slightly smaller-scale version of Helm’s Deep. Ok, I’m done gloating now.

I am telling you this now because my school finally sent out housing information—giving me two weeks to do all my shopping before I leave. FYI, I leave to go on (another) family vacation in a fortnight, then I’ll go join the tennis team at my school. Registration will be about a week (I think) after I arrive, and then classes start three days later. Squee! And yes, I set up most of that paragraph just for the opportunity to say “fortnight.”

Dorm shopping isn’t as much fun as it sounds. Did you know that there are no acceptable XL twin-sized duvets within a 50 mile radius of my house? The same applies for appropriately-sized shower caddies. Of course I won’t need a shower caddy, but it never hurts to be prepared for all showerly transportion emergencies. Also, there’s the ever-present problem of people trying to sell me crap that I have no use for. I’m sorry, Kohls, but I refuse to buy reed diffusers from you. Other items on your “To Dorm” checklist that I won’t be purchasing: desk, computer chair, lounge chair, ottoman, hanging sweater/shoe organizer, shower caddy (because you didn’t have any! Ha!), charging valet, and hair dryer.

Things that I really want to buy and will probably need:

  • Those super-cool slippers that clean the floor for you!
  • A Buzz Lightyear duvet cover (although I can’t find one that looks like the one from the movie)
  • Bubble solution refills (I can’t be the only one who carries a bubble wand around in her purse.)
  • A ferret.
  • Adjustable reading valet—who wouldn’t want one?
  • Ammunition for my slingshot—I’ve been using coins, but my friends say they hurt too much.
  • The complete “Friends” series on DVD—it’s my way of meeting people.
  • A butler who I can name Jeeves.

Ginger’s Song of the Week: Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor. I adore the Arctic Monkeys! Their name is awesome, their music rocks, they have cute British accents, and they wear sweaters to concerts. Lets add them to my list of things to bring. That’s right. I’ll take all four of them, please.

What's on your packing list?

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