What To Wear In College

What To Wear In College

By Adam Buchalter

Depending on where you go to high school, you might have to follow certain fashion rules. If your principal is like most principals, s/he doesn't allow low-cut shirts, short skirts, baggy pants, fishnet stockings, or boxer shorts worn as hats.

In college, you'll have more freedom. Here are some tips on how to look the part while on campus (please refrain from running around with boxers or thongs on your head. It's kind of unsanitary).

Unless your institution of higher education happens to be located at the North Pole, sandals are an absolutely crucial choice of footwear. Everybody wears them. Perhaps college folk enjoy the flapping sound sandals make when you walk. Maybe freeing their feet from the confines of sneakers is a form of rebellion on an extremely small scale. It's possible there is no rhyme or reason to it. Nobody knows why, but sandals in college rock!

A Hoodie
This article of clothing is fantabulomazing because it is versatile. If you're stuck for three hours in a classroom where the air conditioner is on an unreasonably cold setting, the hoodie will save you. If you want to introduce yourself to a preppy girl, you can tie the hoodie around your waist, and if you want to hit on a punk/emo girl, you can wear your hoodie and put the hood up. A hoodie is also awesome because it can hide the evidence if you're too lazy to iron the wrinkles out of your t-shirt.

There is something awesome about walking around your dorm at night with a bathrobe on. People will be absolutely floored by this audacious clothing option, and will assume it means you're cool and laid back. Those of you who have seen the film The Big Lebowski will know what I mean when I say a bathrobe will turn you into your dorm's "The Dude." Just make sure to wear something under the bathrobe. Going commando is not advised, unless you've got an extremely open-minded group in your building.

Retro T-Shirts
There are few better conversation openers than a t-shirt that references things your peers remember from their childhoods. Generally, you can find these shirts at Hot Topic or Spencer's, and they will attract positive energy and attention to yourself. Solid options include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and any references to Nickelodeon TV shows.

[Your Unique Item of Clothing Here]
You're in college, and this is your opportunity to explore self-expression without any judgment (or at least minimal judgment). Try wearing something that nobody else will be wearing. This is a great way to show the world that you are a creative-minded individual. Examples include your favorite coin on a chain, a tie-dyed bandana, a shirt with a tie-dye banana on it, or a strawberry ring pop (if anybody asks you about it, just say it's your engagement ring.)

How will you/do you dress in college?

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