United World Colleges: Full of Scary Smart People

United World Colleges: Full of Scary Smart People

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Nanya, we apologize for breaking your heart into a million pieces! —Sparkitors

Over the past few months, I’ve read series about homeschoolers going to high school (I love your kangaroos, GirlWhoWrites), and Ginger’s posts are the bomb, too. But I started to wonder why there was not a single post by a UWCer. Then I mailed in a post to the eds and got a reply saying they didn’t know anything about the UWCs either. And it broke my heart into a million pieces.

At this point, you might be wondering, ZOMG WHAT ON EARTH is a UWC?
Is it a place alien-ish genius kids go to? Is it a place for juvenile delinquent? Is it a code word for Area 51 and we’re just aliens *pokes her antennae and tries to camouflage*? Well, we're not aliens. But I like to think we're just as cool!

The United World Colleges think of education as a force to unite people, nations, and cultures for peace and a sustainable future. It is a group of 13 colleges all over the world. Get into a UWC is pretty mega-competitive *narcissistic hip-thrust*. National Committees all over the world select the best students and send them to the 13 different colleges. UWCs are like a microcosm of the world, because each one has people from over 80 nations.

I live in a small town in India, and if it were not for the generosity of the Indian National Committee, who gave me a complete scholarship, I would not have dreamt of going to a place like The Mahindra UWC of India. For one thing, it's expensive. For another, I STILL don’t think I’m cool enough. It’s now the last week before I leave for school, and I'm stressed, for three big reasons.

1. Displacement. I have never ever in my entire freakin’ life lived away from my hometown city. For the past sixteen years of my life, and that’s exactly how old I am, I have lived in the same house, in the same city, surrounded by pretty much the same friends. I don’t make friends fast, and I’m not good at first talks. AT ALL. I'm the girl who talks to her shoes unless I’m already friends with you. I’m an ambivert, and being that is pretty confusing.

2. Intimidation. Thanks to FaceBook, I know a lot of my co-years, and it is very very unnerving to know that people you are going to live with for the next two years of your life are freaking  geniuses, whereas you can’t walk straight without being confused as to your destination. For example:

Friend: Hey, Nanya, you know Tyler? He’s going to your school, and he’s a national level shooter and one of the youngest in the country to have a gun license at 16.

Me: Wow.

Friend 2: Duuuude, this guy in your school won a photography competition for National Geographic. He shot in the Amazon for a month.

Me: Woah.

Friend 3: Nanya, one of your classmates was in Elle.

Me: Oh dear.

3. FOOD. How on earth will I live without a stocked fridge? Homemade food? Regular supply of Coke? Ice? ICE CREAM? BURGERS? *dies*

Will I make friends? Or will I be social reject in the manner of Neville Longbottom? Will people feel sorry for me? Will I have sympathy friends? Will I have no friends at all?

Tune in to find out!

Any UWC-ers out there?

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