Should She Follow Her Dream, or Go to a "Real" College?

Should She Follow Her Dream, or Go to a

By Emma

We're on the fence about this one. Yes, you should always follow your dream—but if you don't know whether your dream is fashion or food, maybe it's a good idea to go to college while you figure it out (hey, you can always take cooking and sewing classes on the side, right?). Read on and then tell this Sparkler what she should do.

I am an upcoming junior in high school, so naturally, I am thinking about my future. I am taking all Honors and AP classes and have all A's. I am on the math team and academic teams. I love learning and excel in every subject. I could pursue almost any career. I love cooking, painting, and sewing. What I really want to do is attend culinary school or a fashion/design school.

However, when I talk to my teachers about what I want to do, they tell me that I could do so much better than being a chef, and that I should attend a real college. I am very good at science, and I could become a doctor or paramedic and save lives, like a lot of my family members. I feel so conflicted over whether I should pursue a career that will make me happy, but not really benefit mankind, or whether I should sacrifice my dream for a career that would benefit others. I have talked to me parents about this, but they don't understand my issue, and I am not really comfortable talking to a guidance counselor.

What do you think? College, fashion, food, other?

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