Friends You Will Make In College, Part 2

Friends You Will Make In College, Part 2

By Adam Buchalter

We're all familiar with high school types. You've got your jocks, who date cheerleaders and always wear their varsity jackets, even when it's 101 degrees outside. You've got your goth kids, who wear black all the time and talk about cartoon shows. You've also got your drama kids, who dress in an unorthodox fashion, i.e. suspenders over purple-and-blue pinstripes, and who like to practice scenes in the hallway.

College is an entirely different animal, though. Here are some offbeat types of friends you'll meet there.

The Mathematician
When you go out to a diner with your new college pals, this is the person who will go through the check and make sure everyone pays EXACTLY what they owe. She has a tip app on her iPhone, but she doesn't need to use it—she can multiply four-digit numbers in her head. If you're unsure about how many meals you have left on your meal plan, she'll tell you not only how many more times you can eat, but what your caloric intake for the semester will be. She's the type of friend you'll want to associate with on a professional level in the future. She's nice, trustworthy, and thorough.

The Study Buddy
This guy has the magical ability to incorporate studying into absolutely any other kind of activity. If you're planning a dinner party, he'll recommend you guys bring your textbooks to thumb through during strawberry cheesecake dessert time. If you're going to the movies, he'll upload class notes onto his super-advanced smartphone, and he'll recommend you do the same. If you're going on a date, he'll try tirelessly to convince you that there's something romantic about quizzing each other while snuggling. He will fail.

The Facebook Celebrity
This person is Facebook friends with absolutely everybody in your college, and she takes her job seriously. She will be the first one to post on your wall on your birthday. In an effort to make her Facebook experience as interactive as possible, she will often pose questions to her followers, such as, "should I get a chocolate frosted or blueberry muffin?" Despite all this online activity, she will not say hi to you in the hallway. Don't take it personally. If you're feeling ambitious, feel free to try to break that in-person barrier, but just remember that it's not's her.

The "Always Around" Dude
This guy is always around. If he's your roommate, you'll leave for class, then go to the gym, then study at the library, then come back, and he'll still be there. He spends the majority of his time in front of the computer listening to music on YouTube. Nobody is exactly sure what he does when he's not rocking out, but we have our suspicions that it's not 100% legal. This is a great guy because he's always there if you want to talk, and he's literally ALWAYS around to hang out, but don't be fooled: it is important to go to class. This guy defies the laws of nature. You'd be best to appreciate him from a safe distance.

Stressed Girl
This girl always thinks the world is going to end. She'll run into you in the hallway and ask what you wrote on the essay in your sociology class, because she's nervous that she answered incorrectly. She takes copious notes, but always wants to look at yours to make sure she's on the right track. She constantly seems to be on the verge of a panic attack, yet she always manages to get one of the best grades in the class. She always assumed that college would be extremely difficult and stressful, and she can't adjust to the fact that she's doing well. Don't let her get to you. Make sure you study, but then relax and reward yourself for a job well done.

These people may be odd, but you'll be around them for the next four years, so see if you can embrace the strangeness, and perhaps even come to appreciate it.

Got any weird but lovable friends?

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