How To Pack For College

How To Pack For College

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Dear Soon-to-be Departed,

We have come together today faced with the inevitable unpleasantness of packing for college. We're leaving home for the not-so-greener pastures of post-secondary edu-macation, and if there's one thing I've learned, it's that Packing. Sucks. Righteously. You have to fit all 18 years of your life into dozens of boxes and suitcases, and then fit those suitcases into your car, and then somehow drive that car from Point A to Point B without accidentally taking a detour into China. It’s going to take ingenuity. It’s going to take sweaty elbows and non-limp wrists. It’s going to suck away all vestiges of summer happiness. You can’t pretend this isn’t happening anymore, folks: it's time to pack for college. Here are my tips.

Pack according to the seasons. Fall weather doesn’t really hit my school until Thanksgiving, so I bring my frilly dresses and light t-shirts to wear until then, and afterwards, I switch to heavy duty outerwear when winter hits hard. Ah, my beloved, frigid country.

Pack the heavy stuff (shoes, Xbox, books, pet elephants) in containers that have wheels—that way, you won't throw your back out trying to carry 60-pound boxes up nine flights of stairs.

Organize, organize, organize! Don’t you just hate rifling through five bags looking for a specific item of clothing? Avoid this, and the accompanying panic attack, by keeping certain things together. Maybe have a suitcase of your favorite outfits, and then one for your jeans and sweatpants, and one for your tops. If you want to get obsessive, write down where everything is and keep the list handy; you'll be able to see at a glance that "Blue Cami=RED suitcase."

Bring your most-loved items/essentials from home, and buy everything else when you get to your new destination. You can grab hangers, shampoo, groceries, and maybe even bedding, at the nearest Target once you get to Point B—that'll leave a heck of a lot of extra leg room.

Have any more tips about packing for college? We'd love to hear them!

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