Getting Along with Your Roommate

Getting Along with Your Roommate

By Adam Buchalter

Orientation is over, classes are underway, and you're getting used to showering while wearing sandals.

Unfortunately, things are still a little weird with your roommate. Here's how to un-weird them.

Strategically plan bedtimes
There's nothing worse than trying to go to sleep while your roommate is practicing for her a capella group. In an effort to avoid conflicts, talk about bedtimes, and plan according to each other's schedules. If, for example, you have an early class on Wednesday, perhaps your roommate can practice her tasmanian devil impressions earlier in the evening, and then she can work on her laptop while you're in the midst of your slumber.

Hang out together (once in a while)
Nobody is expecting you to be BFFs with your roommate, but it can be nice to hang out with each other every so often. Find something you both like to do, such as sitting on the quad and eating Doritos. Scheduling some quality time with your roomie will keep the lines of communication open.

Share friends
Perhaps you're a social butterfly who has so many friends that you're constantly triple-booking yourself, whereas your roommate is the quiet type. Share your friend wealth by introducing your roommate to your pals the next time they stop by your dorm. If you're feeling really ambitious, invite your roomie to tag along if you're going out—but don't feel obligated to do so. Even an introduction and a few nice words can make your roommate feel good.

Make gestures
Do small, thoughtful things. Bring your roommate a snack from the dining hall, or leave a message on the dry erase board for her, saying something like "Miss you!"

Talk out your issues
This is BY FAR the most important aspect of maintaining a healthy, satisfying relationship with your roommate—or anyone, really. Communicate! Don't bottle up your anger when your roommate borrows your DVDs without asking and then scratches them. Politely ask him to be more careful. Explain how you feel, and odds are he'll respond much more positively than if you yell at him or deal with the situation in an immature, passive-aggressive manner. Heck, if you're really nice about it, he might not only apologize, but buy you a brand-new, scratch-free copy of your Basic Yoga For Dummies DVD!

Are you getting along with your roomie?

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