Life According to Ginger: Dorm Tour

Life According to Ginger: Dorm Tour

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We lived in a triple during our freshman year, too. Three girls, three beds, one room, countless renditions of "My Bologna Has a First Name." —Sparkitors

Dorm rooms, as a general rule, are all exactly the same and look like prison cells. Unless you make them awesome. Which is exactly what my roommates and I have done. I thought you might be interested in how we achieved this feat. Someday you, too, could have a dorm with a campus-wide reputation!

First thing you need to know is that I’m in a triple dorm, which means that when you enter from the hall, you see beds on both sides of the room (I’m on the left, Roomie Numero Uno is on the right), dressers facing the far wall on the end of the beds, and desks facing the dressers. Make sense? The area in which you walk makes a T from above. Now turn left, and you have a door. Open the door. This is the second room, and it only has one bed. This makes it the best room of the dorm, and unfortunately it isn’t mine—it belongs to Roomie Numero Dos. Turn left again immediately. Another door. Open it. There’s a bathroom! Complete with shower, toilet, sink, and rust stains. Great, right? I can take a shower by myself!

The real magic starts with our hall decorations. Outside, my roommate bought (actually paid money for, it astounds me) a Justin Bieber poster, a Twilight poster (complete with super-angsty, utterly hilarious poem), and the True Blood Rolling Stone cover (yup. The nasty one.). These have been desecrated beyond what is appropriate to talk about on SparkNotes. This is where the reputation comes from—the other day I heard people talking about the Bieber poster. And it couldn't have been anybody else's poster but ours, trust me.

The walls! In my (and Roomie numero uno’s) room, we have a total of 8 posters (7 of which are mine), one painting (also mine), no less than 80 stickers (all hers, unfortunately), and a lovely foam aquatic scene on our window (coming soon: a rainbow flag). The posters are of Audrey Hepburn, The Who, John Lennon, James Dean (if you don’t know who he is, please go rent “Rebel Without a Cause” RIGHT NOW), “Café Terrace at Night” (by Van Gogh), “The Old Guitarist” (by Picasso), “Apparition of Face and Fruit Dish on a Beach” (by Dali, and it’s one of the trippiest things you’ve ever seen), and a lovely seascape painting of Roomie Numero Uno’s that I don’t know the name of. Phew. If you can’t tell, I’m not really liking the generation I was born into right now. I also really like art history. Which is fitting, because that’s kinda what I’m thinking I could possibly major in at the moment. (Is there any way I could have been more noncommittal?) The painting was bought for me from a NYC street vendor by a friend, and the stickers are of Toy Story and Marvel comics. They’re everywhere, and I love them. Wolverine watches me sleep, and that’s definitely not creepy in the least bit.

Roomie Numero Dos’ room isn’t quite as awesome, but I think that the rest of our room makes up for it. On my side, there's a bass (I mentioned her a couple weeks ago—her name is Vera) and an amp (I just learned how to play “12:51” by the Strokes today. Easiest song in the history of ever). There's a clock that may or may not have been “liberated” from the tennis courts at home (LONG story that I won’t go into). There is a microwave and fridge, complete with Froot Loops, pudding cups, hot chocolate mix, and no alcohol whatsoever. There’s a fish tank (their names are Scotty, Potty, and Ricardo), a bowling ball (no idea how that got there, but I’m pretty excited), an entire dining set (complete with trays) that was liberated from the dining hall, nerf gun, clarinet, flintstones vitamins (they’re SO GOOD), at least 4 stress balls that look like rainbow-colored brains, bamboo plant, mini chia pet, and a giant R2D2 postcard.

Despite how amazing that previous paragraph was, it’s about to get better. Our entire bathroom is COVERED with glow-in-the dark stars. Yeah. I’ll let that sink in a bit. Actually, I’ll end it here because you just can't beat that.

Ginger’s Song of the Week: If you didn’t look it up earlier, here’s the Strokes song that I mentioned. They’re my current fave band, and I’m a little bit in love with the singer’s voice. Just a little bit. It’s not like we’re soulmates or anything, I just want it to be my forever-buddy.

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