The Case of the Silent Roommate

The Case of the Silent Roommate

By Emma

Living with a stranger is awkward. Living with a silent stranger is awkward with a heaping side of unbearable. —Sparkitors

I don't know if I'm being too over the top about this and should just let it go, or if it's actually something to be concerned about.

I've been in college for about 5 weeks now. So far so good! All my classes are going well, people are generally nice and accepting, and I haven't died for the food from the dining hall yet...all good signs. However, my roommate will not talk to me!!

At first, I thought she was just really shy and was missing everyone at home, so i didn't mind much at all. I tried to talk to her but i figured with time she would just get more comfortable and talk to me...that didn't happen. The longest "conversation" we had was when we had to fill out the roommate agreement form. Then when I tried to start a conversation with her, all she had were one word answers. I mean it's been 5 weeks! Can you imagine living with someone who won't even talk to you?

She spends more time on the phone than anyone I have ever met in my entire life! I will come in from class and she'll be on the phone, she'll stay on it for about 2 hours, then leave on the phone, then come back approx. an hour later...still on the phone!! It's getting ridiculous. She also has nothing on her side of the room. If she ended up switching rooms or moving to a new school, the only difference in the room would be her missing bedspread and a rug.

And then to top it off, she sleeps all the time. I mean I have nothing against sleep, it's my favorite past-time, but my roommate will go to sleep when I do (around 11:30pm on a good night), then I'll wake up earlier because my first class is at 9, then my next one at 11, and she'll still be asleep when I get back around 12:30 before my 3rd class! This makes it impossible for me to do anything in the room because I like listening to music and just not having to tip-toe around our own room! So usually I end up leaving after 5 minutes because I can bear the darkness/silence and go chill somewhere around campus.

I just don't know what to do though? Should I get a room-change? Make another attempt at talking to her? My friends say I should talk to my RA, but I don't know what she can do about it, because maybe we just have different living styles. I don't expect to be best friends with this girl, but I see everyone else who is friendly with their roommates and it just makes me kind of sad.

We think this girl might be clinically depressed—or suffering from mono. But what should our dear Sparkler do about it?? Leave your thoughts in the comments! And to get advice from your fellow Sparklers, email

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