Life According to Ginger: The Hipster Phenomenon

Life According to Ginger: The Hipster Phenomenon

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The meaning of life: 42. The greatest thing you could ever learn: to love and be loved in return. Definition of a hipster: umm…

For those who haven’t heard of them, a hipster is a stereotype of a college student, and nobody seems to have a clear definition of who/what they are. Except for (of course) me. So. The very basic explanation is that hipsters want to be… hip. Except that sounds like something my grandpa would say. Which, funnily enough, a true hipster would love. To put it simply, hipsters reject everything that has to do with pop culture, or the mainstream. They like to be considered the avant-garde of 21st century America. They make things cool: pretty much everything that is now pop culture used to be hipster culture.

Music: Hipsters pride themselves on finding the most obscure bands possible. Don’t google "hipster bands," because anything that comes up will already be considered too “mainstream” to be hipster. Classic joke: A hipster finds an amazing band, then kills them so they never sell out. Hipsters are likely to be judgmental of the music you listen to, so if you're trying to impress them, don't mention Miley. If you’re desperate, say you like The PixiesTrust me.

Fashion: Vintage is key. Most recently, the hipsters brought back skinny jeans and flannel from the nineties, and we thank them for that. They often shop at thrift shops, wear layers, and sport band t-shirts from bands that you haven’t heard of. Currently (it changes all the time), the androgynous look is in. Boys wear tight pants, and girls have Justin Bieber hair. If you want to anger a hipster (definitely not a suggestion), call them "the third gender." This is more likely to anger them because they (as do I) hate the gender binary and the roles associated with it, rather than because they take it as a personal insult.

Hobbies: You might find hipsters in your Art History, Philosophy, or Literature classes. After class, they're likely to go to a coffee shop or yoga class. They hang out at independent film festivals, trendy bars, and vintage shops. However, not all hipsters like all of these things.

Conclusion: Hipsters are confusing. What’s worse: 90% of them will vehemently deny being one. A lot of people really hate them, but I don’t—I have a couple friends who are self-proclaimed hipsters, and they always give me new music (which I, in turn, give to you. It’s like trickle-down economics).

Ginger’s Song of the Week: Guess what this is. You got it. A hipster band. And it's really good.

How do you define hipsters?

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