Will She Get Into Brown?

Will She Get Into Brown?

By Emma

It's candy cane, latke, naughty-or-nice season, and that means one thing: time to obsess about applications! Check out this email from a would-be Brown student:

I'm a current senior in high school who (AG!) applied early decision to Brown. As the deadline is creeping up (December 15 can't come soon enough), I'm starting to have minor freakouts.

I was just wondering if the SparkLife crew could weigh in on my chances. Much thanks!

My unweighted GPA: 3.96
Weighted GPA: 4.3 (and for the record, my school has a very funky weighting system)
I've taken the most AP classes out of anyone in my grade (11 total), including six my senior year.
SAT: 2270 (800 CR, 680 M, 790 W)

I'm the captain of the varsity golf team, the copy editor for the school newspaper, the editor-in-chief of our high school's literary magazine, the president of National Honor Society, and the president of the Literary Society. I have over 400 hours of community service, most of which is from Habitat for Humanity or Boys and Girls Club. I'm a National Merit Semifinalist and an AP Scholar with Distinction.

My essays are what I feel will edge me out over the (formidable) competition. They were very unique, and I felt that they really showcased my quirky personality.

I currently live in Florida and go to a private school there.

Thank you all so much!

Sounds pretty good to us! What do you think of her chances?

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