Will He Get Into Texas A&M?

Will He Get Into Texas A&M?

By Emma

Today's Will He Get In? candidate eschews periods, which we assume means he is a burgeoning poet and fellow English major!

I am just wondering if i have a chance of getting into University of Texas Austin/ Texas A&M

My stats are the following

I currently go to a Shanghai American School (International School) in Shanghai China for the last 5 years.
3.2 GPA
Took 2 ap classes and one IB class over highschool.

I take normal classes, but have taken many of the basic classes need for college. Bio, physics, chem, english etc....

I have done a few volunteer and community service activities, including a Habitat for Humanity trip to Mongolia and charity events

I have done a few afterschool activites sponsered by my school, including theater and some baseball

I am a US citizen.

What say you, Sparklers? Is he a future Aggie/Longhorn?

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