Confessions of a College Matchmaker: Potential Match #1

Confessions of a College Matchmaker: Potential Match #1

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If emMCie's column were a rom com, she would totally end up with Jerry. We're just saying! —Sparkitors

Seeing as my roommate and I share the bonds of cohabitation (there’s a certain connection you make with a person when you know what her underwear looks like), I thought it would be easy to set her up with someone.

I felt even more confident after enlisting an assistant. Most fraternity boys are really just middle school girls with a taste for beer, and my friend Jerry is no exception. As soon as I mentioned my plan to set up my roommate, Jerry wanted to help. (Note: His name is not really Jerry. I'm calling him Jerry because that's the name of the giant inflatable deer head mounted on the wall in his dorm room.)

Jerry has this friend in need of a girlfriend. Enter Potential Match Number One. Here are the many things he and my roommate have in common: a recent break from the Catholic church, a taste for loud, angry-sounding music, the hobby of stalking their exes on Facebook, a rather harmless rebellious streak that involves things like not shaving for a week, and a certain level of overall cuteness. Oh. And they were in the same German class for a day. To distinguish this guy from all the other Potential Matches that are sure to follow, we'll call him PAM: Potential Atheist Match!

Jerry and I devised what seemed like a foolproof plan. We would bring our respective friends to dinner, and “coincidentally” run into the other pair. We would sit down to have dinner together, but Jerry and I would remember “that project” we have to work on (even though we don’t have a single class in common). We would sneak out the bathroom window of the restaurant (naturally, we pre-screened the restaurants to make sure they had windows in their bathrooms) and force PAM to pay for our steak dinners.

But when my roommate mentioned that she would prefer to know a guy before going on a date with him, I scrapped the plan. PAM and my roomie may still fall in love—but I've planned a backup, just in case.

Tune in next week, when the tale of PAM and the backup continues!

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