Life According to Ginger: In the First Circle of Hell Week

Life According to Ginger: In the First Circle of Hell Week

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Hell Week (a.k.a. Dead Week) is upon me. At my school, for some reason, the week before finals is worse than finals themselves, and I’m really feeling it right now. I’m completely swamped with homework—I won’t even go into the list of everything I have to do; it’s depressing, and I’d really rather ignore the enormous pile of excrement sitting in front of me. So instead of complaining (we don’t really complain that much here, because there’s always someone around who can one-up you), I’ve embarked on a quest to find the bright side of Hell Week. Here's what I've come up with:

1. Sweatpants are now totally socially acceptable. I have been waiting for this day for my entire life, and now it has come! At some point, it will probably be OK to wear bathrobes to class. If you happen to neglect the occasional shower, everyone feels sympathy for you rather than calling you out on it. Just don’t miss too many. A loss of one or two is acceptable, but please make sure to shower at least semi-regularly? People have to sit by you, you know.

2. My school brought in a petting zoo! The administration knows what they put us through every semester, and as compensation, they gave us some sheep, two goats, two dogs, a rabbit, and a very sleepy cat. I don’t even like cats (it's been a mutual feeling since I was about three and grabbed a tail that shouldn’t have been grabbed), but I fell head over heels with one. I don’t know his name, I have no means of taking care of a cat, and yet, I was seriously considering walking out with him. HefellasleepinmyarmsandhewasincrediblysoftandadorableandIcan’tstopthinkingabouthim. Ahem. I really liked that cat, is what I meant to say.

3. Presents! My parents sent me a care package the other day, and it had Play-Doh and pop-rocks! Easily the highlight of my day. Especially the Play-Doh—what a great stress reliever and snack. Not that I would ever eat Play-Doh. And I certainly never did that until 3rd grade. Of course not. I meant to say that the pop-rocks are a good snack, even though they were watermelon-flavored, and I gave them away.

4. More free food! Some students took it upon themselves to host a free pancake breakfast. At 2 AM. It’s really interesting to see the contrast between the cheerful guy who always waves when you pass him in the hall, and the same (but slightly more stressed out) guy at 2 AM, sporting a layer of stubble and a maniacal look in his eye.

5. Christmas decorations. They're up, they're gaudy, they're faux-cheerful, and somehow, they make everything just a bit more tolerable.

So that’s about it for my ability to be positive about this week. Hopefully your hell week will have similar perks (not that anything can top Play-Doh). Good luck to all college students! To all high schoolers… well… sorry, but there’s not much of anything encouraging I can say besides: it's only a week, and then you get a ridiculously long break.

Ginger’s Song of the Week: I’m not quite sure why nobody told me that the Bangles did a Simon and Garfunkel cover, but at least I found it now. To make up for lost time, I’ve listened to this song at least 5 times today.

Are you in the midst of hell week? How's it going?

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