Confessions of an RA: Practical Jokes RAs Secretly Find Hilarious

Confessions of an RA: Practical Jokes RAs Secretly Find Hilarious

By Lindsay Puvel

I’m about to let you in on a secret. A secret so sacred, so scandalous, so salient, that it’s been surreptitiously shrouded for centuries and may, in fact, blow your mind: beneath the austere exterior of your RA lurks a regular ol’ college student. No, I swear! We eat and we sleep (occasionally), we fall in and out of love, we go to class and fail tests, and most importantly, we actually do have a sense of humor. I know that as an RA I’m supposed to weld on my serious pants, but it would be utterly false to deny that even the sternest of RAs doesn’t love a little practical joking now and again. Though I am advocating none of these, here are a few of the funniest practical jokes I’ve seen:

1. Gluing a heads-up penny to the floor: This literally gets people over and over again, myself included. If you really want to see people squeal over small change, up the ante and make it a quarter.

2. Supergluing the lock on the bathroom stall door: This was funny for like a week, then it got super awkward when one of my residents decided she didn’t care if the door didn’t lock—she would go to the bathroom with it wide open.

3. Plastering the wall of the lounge with a fathead of your RA: One of my co-RAs walked into the boys’ floor lounge of his building earlier this year and found himself staring back. His residents had purchased a fathead of his facebook profile picture and stuck it on the wall of the lounge…Big Brother is watching?

4. Decorating the Christmas tree with undies: Okay, so maybe dinosaur boxers don’t make the best ornaments, but I just couldn’t be a grinch and take them down. And hey, the prospective students at the open house loved them! The same can’t be said for their parents.

Moral: harmless practical jokes can be fun. The important thing to remember is the first modifier. Despite how funny it may seem at the time to urinate on your best friend’s laptop or defecate in his laundry basket, neither your RA nor your friend will appreciate your "humor." Keep the destruction of property to a minimum and remember that bodily functions do not belong anywhere but inside a toilet.

Now go have fun! But remember, I’ve put information into your hands more classified than the Roswell cover-up. “Keep it secret, keep it safe,” and you didn’t hear it from me.

Are you a practical joker?

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