The Daily Trials of an English Major: Things I'll Miss When I Return to College

The Daily Trials of an English Major: Things I'll Miss When I Return to College

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"Now it’s time to say goodbye to all our company. M-I-C…”

Sorry, I seem to have Disney on the brain. I’m back from a nice break in Florida, and my return to campus is quickly approaching. As a means of procrastination self-reflection, I’ve decided to look back on the simple pleasures of home I will miss over the next few weeks. Here are just a few of them:

1) The acoustics in my shower: As much as I love show tunes and singing, I suspect there was a reason I was always given a dancing role in the high school productions (aside from my years of taking ballet). I sing about as well as William Hung. However, when I step in the shower, something magical occurs. I start rocking out and belting like a cross between Celine Dion and Whitney Houston. Unfortunately, at my school, the showers are communal, and the acoustics aren’t good. I don’t want to send my floormates to the health center for bleeding ear syndrome, so my heartfelt renditions of “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” will have to remain on mute until spring break.

2) Free laundry: True story: I went to do my laundry at home and I was confused because I couldn’t find the coin slot. The evil machines at school eat my quarters faster than that ever-so addictive game, Pacman. Doing laundry should not cost me more than my meal in the dining hall. I’m going to miss the free cycles of my home. More importantly, I’m going to miss the times my mom was thoughtful and folded my laundry for me—thanks, Mom!

3) The hot tub: I thoroughly enjoy sitting in my hot tub, watching the snow fall. There’s something so serene about it. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my bathing suit home from school. We don’t even have hot tubs at school, although based on the amount of tuition, there should be a hot tub in every dorm room. Forget the size of the tub versus the amount of space in the dorm; just think of how relaxing it would be after a rough midterm exam. Ahhhh.

4) Ridiculous daytime television: During week three, I became a daytime television junkie. I learned so much while I watched—way more than I’ll ever learn in my classes (maybe). For example, I learned:

  • Who the father was—thanks, Maury!
  • How to count in Spanish—thanks, Dora!
  • That I can own something called The Magic Bullet or Pajama Jeans for just 3 easy payments of 19.99, plus shipping and handling— thanks, infomercials!
  • That ABC Family is making Mean Girls 2 and I am not OK with it—so not fetch, ABC Family!
  • That eight-hour marathons of Pretty Little Liars are addictive, and are not advised for increased productivity levels.

So there it is, everything I’m going to miss—oh, and my friends and family too, of course! I guess I should get back to packing up my wardrobe and begin preparing for second semester shenanigans.

Will you miss anything about being home?

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