The Daily Trials of an English Major: Second Semester Goals

The Daily Trials of an English Major: Second Semester Goals

By Emma

Ah, second semester. After five fantastic weeks of blissfully doing absolutely nothing, I’m back to the daily grind of studying, reading, and working. I’ll admit, I was completely spoiled by the long winter break. While I may not be ready to get back into the swing of things, the show must go on. In order to help prepare for this second semester, I’ve decided to come up with some goals. Of course, stay on top of my studies, maintain that 4.0, and continue to do well are on the top of my list, but here are a few others:

Don’t stress out: I’m not stressing. I’m not stressing. I’m not stressing. OK, maybe I’m stressing. I’m typically cool under pressure, but with 18 credits, 16 novels to read for two different classes, overlapping due dates, and an internship, I’ll be lucky if I don’t pull all of my hair out. (Not that there’s anything wrong with being bald; I just don’t think it would be an attractive look for me.) As long as I can find ways to relax and ways to keep everything balanced, I should be fine…hopefully. If I can survive this semester, I can survive anything!

Swim more & stay fit: This should work well with trying not to stress out. I see staying active as a fabulous way to unwind from the stress. I can even bike and read at the same time! Getting work done and getting in shape sounds like a killer combination. In order to really relax, I’m planning on taking up swimming. The aquatic center here features special speakers that play music underwater. I just need some gillyweed so I can stay under long enough to enjoy it. (Note to my mother: I assure you gillyweed is not some new kind of dangerous drug; it’s from Harry Potter, promise!)

Don’t lose shoes: I woke up one morning to find that I had “absentmindedly” lost a shoe on fraternity row. I love shoes, so this was a quite devastating experience. While most girls want to be princesses when they grow up, being Cinderella for an evening was not on my agenda (besides, Belle is cooler anyway). My shoe did miraculously turn up, but Prince Charming was unfortunately not included. I think it’s probably a smart idea if this incident is not repeated this semester.

Don’t die: I think this is rather self-explanatory, but with the way cars speed through campus, it may be easier said than done. Life’s too short, and I’m enjoying it, so I don’t want it to stop just yet.

Avoid looking like I’m 13: While on the airplane, returning from Florida, the flight attendant asked me, “Would you like a coloring activity book, sweetie?” I evidently look quite young. Aside from the fact that I said yes, and aside from the fact that I enjoyed coloring Shamu, it can be frustrating being an actual adult and looking like a little girl. The flight incident was not the first time something like this had occurred. I was also once carded when I wanted to try a sample at the wholesale store Sam’s Club…a sample of salsa. This is getting rather ridiculous. I’m not really sure how to change this, but until I learn to embrace it, it’s on my to-do list.

Tell us about your spring semester resolutions—and your experiences getting mistaken for a tween!

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