The Daily Trials of an English Major: Post-Valentine's-Day Reflections

The Daily Trials of an English Major: Post-Valentine's-Day Reflections

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Courtney Guth is a ray of chocolately sunshine. —Sparkitors

Cupid’s arrows have been shot. The cards have been opened, the glitter cleared away. It’s time for my favorite holiday: Post Valentine’s Day Chocolate Sales! I’m minutes away from rushing out to the local drugstore and purchasing my personal drug of choice: chocolate, sweet, sweet, chocolate. It’s all marked down to 75% off, and it’s all mine.

However, after the major sugar crash, the post Valentine’s Day letdown sets in.

I’ve always enjoyed Valentine’s Day. While I’ve only once had a real valentine on Valentine’s Day, I embrace the holiday every year. Some choose to dub the day “Single Awareness Day,” aka SAD. Other cynics claim it was a holiday confected by greeting card and candy companies (side note: Did you know Candy Conversation Hearts have been around since the 1800s? They sure taste like it!). It appears that when it comes to Valentine’s Day, you either despise it, or you love it.

I am of the latter category. I am a lover. I see Valentine’s Day as much more than a cornucopia of candy, cards, and all that jazz. It’s a holiday that celebrates the joys of love, and life. In my opinion, love isn’t limited to your “significant other.” It’s more than that fuzzy feeling you get inside when Darren Criss starts singing on Glee. Love can be a love of reading and writing. Love can be the bonds your share with your best friends. Love can be the simple joy your pet hamster brings you—though if he’s your only companion, you may want to look into getting some real friends, too. Love is the excitement you feel when you’re just completely happy and satisfied with life. I may not have been in love yet, but that doesn’t mean I can’t embrace the spirit of the holiday.

Every year I don my various shades of red and pink, and I break out my heart-shaped jewelry in celebration. As a child, I endured the excitement and sometimes stress of picking out the perfect Valentine’s Day cards to fill my classmates' bags, all with a smile on my face. There was the fun of picking out the perfect set for my friends and that oh so adorable boy who sat four carpet squares away from me in kindergarten. Then there was the excitement and drama of middle school, where friends exchanged kisses (the chocolate kind) and gossiped about the latest lunch table couples. I anxiously awaited the 8th Grade Valentine’s Day Dance, which should have been called the 8th Grade Let’s All Awkwardly Stand Against the Wall Party, but that’s ok, because the whole spirit of it was fun. In high school I graduated from the chocolate kisses to the real kind. Even when I didn’t have someone to smooch, I still just enjoyed the atmosphere, including the couples sneaking kisses in the hallway, the boys bearing roses, the girls toting teddy bears. Now, in college, I see couples truly in love. I may be missing out on the experience at the moment, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to sit around and mope and wallow in tears of candy conversation hearts, surrounded by foil chocolate wrappings.

A friend recently made the genius comment, “Why should your appreciation for someone be limited to just one day?” I could not agree more. February 14th may have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean the love needs to end at the stroke of midnight too. I say, let’s make every day Valentine’s Day! So here’s to being love with love…and also half priced chocolate.

Courtney's making us nostalgic for last week. Anyone else a big fan of V Day?

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