Boy Hunt: Hockey is Hot

Boy Hunt: Hockey is Hot

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Can you fall in love with someone who scoffs at your hot chocolate? Geeraff explains. —Sparkitors


Do you know what that is, folks? Hint: it’s the sound you should be making when you learn how many boys I talked to this week!

We had a road hockey tournament this weekend, which I learned attracts a lot of boys. And it was great! A boy hunter’s dream, really. So I got my gear ready. (Not hockey gear, silly. Athletically challenged, remember?)

Seeing as Benedict Arnold was on my team, I talked to him. In fact, he has this thing now where whenever we see each other, he says, and I quote: “Hey Geeraff. How’s it going?” We’re totally friends, people! That’s right. F to the R to the I to the ENDS. (Hey, look what I did! That’s adorable! Get it? Cause we’re friends, you know, to the end? Friends... to the end?) (Never mind.) I even congratulated him on his hockey skills, because he’s actually quite good.

You’re probably thinking that telling Arnie he did well in the game wasn’t that brave, but what happened next sure was. Introducing The Ref, who is significantly older, significantly funny, and significantly more popular than I am. And don’t think I forgot that one time when he said my name was pretty... cause I didn’t...

Well, anywho, he was at the hockey game (duh) and happened to be in the same vicinity as my friend and I. This friend is one of my closest, and she’s recently been complaining that she hasn’t yet appeared in my posts, because she’s always weirdly absent from anything remotely exciting that happens. But on this bright, chilly hockey morning, she was holding a hot chocolate from Tim Hortons, which is special enough to deserve mentioning.

Welcome to the boy hunt, Sarah. (Lame nickname? Think again! I’ve just named her after the origami triceratops that we had a major legal custody battle over.) (For those interested, I lost the triceratops, but received an origami giraffe and a cookie instead. Fair enough.)

So Sarah had a hot chocolate, and it was one of those roll-up-the-rim-to-win cups. The Ref saw this and asked Sarah if she won. Since it was still early in Sarah’s time schedule, she just shrugged, having not bothered to check.

I saw my opportunity.

I bravely snatched the (empty?) cup from her, handed her the lid, and tried for a solid five minutes to roll up the rim while The Ref was chanting “do it do it do it...” Not the simplest task when Hodgins was standing across the way getting ready for his hockey game. When I announced my loss, The Ref smashed the cup to the ground, revealing that there was quite a bit of hot chocolate left. But he did talk to me, I guess, so... win?

Moving on. I didn’t talk to Spider Man, even though he also attended the road hockey extravaganza. (That’s a great word, isn’t it?) (A bit of trivia, Geeraff’s favorite word at the moment: latke.) But Spidey and I still breakfast at the same time with the same people at the same table, which is good.


Speaking of breakfast, I forgot the most awesomest news in the world that still makes me giggle and smile when I replay the scene for the millionth time as my head hits my soft pillow at night.

And it starts with breakfast.

So, I was sitting at breakfast, and one of Hodgins’ friends was there as well. Y’all remember Hodgins, right? The poor, wonderful boy who was FORCED to sit and talk to the weird girl who undoubtedly and surely and absolutely likes him? (That’s me... shh!) Well, yeah. His friend was at breakfast. His friend who was NOWHERE NEAR that 7-layer cake of awkwardness and embarrassment. But was this friend just innocently eating his plate of eggs and bacon? No! He was not!

Because he was breakfasting on a big bowl of let’s-confuse-and-scare-Geeraff. I was being stared at, people. Stared. At.

I basically self-destructed trying not to scream “are you GOOD STARING or BAD STARING, slightly scary friend of Hodgins? Huh?!” from across the room.

This left so many questions! Did Hodgins tell this story to his slightly scary friend? Does he talk about me? Does he remember my name? Is he still under the impression that I’m as loony as a toon? DOES HE LIKE ME?!?!

Well, hold your sea horses, people. Because one evening, just as Hodgins walked into the dining hall and I was about to leave for class, Mama K started trying to convince me to say something to him as I left. But I don’t remember this conversation because I could SEE him. Out of the corner of me eye. (Arrrg.) Looking around the dining hall, then slowly and nervously walking towards our table.

Mama K told me later that I actually interrupted her and said, “I am not paying any attention to you.” But I don’t remember this conversation because...

HODGINS SAT DOWN NEXT TO ME! On his own! When there were much prettier people sitting around me!

I nearly died. But then I actually died when I remembered I had a quiz in five minutes. I stayed long enough to learn that he had been building a robot that week, and he learned that I was taking a class on fantasy and horror literature, before I pulled myself away from the table, cursing my academic integrity. (Romeo and Juliet WISHED they had this much in common, folks.)

And it even looked like Hodgins was going to talk to me during hockey, but his friends and my friends created a bit of a barrier. A barrier that I shall destroy! Huzzah!

P.S. Some of my friends informed me that while leaving the dining hall the other day, Hodgins tried to be cool and kick the door open, but missed. He then looked around casually, hoping nobody saw him, and left. I have 5 words and 3 punctuation marks for you.

Soul mates, people. Soul mates.

We think Hodgins sounds adorable. Agree?

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