NBK in Alberta: The Day the Rainbows Implode

NBK in Alberta: The Day the Rainbows Implode

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In this week's installment, LunarCircus dishes about raves, dragons, and serial cuddlers. —Sparkitors

Ahoy, me lovelies!!

It’s a beautiful day here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The sun is shining, the snow is melting(ish), and in a few days the birds will be singing too! If not for the stink-bomb of a secret that Humphrey dropped on me the other day, things would be peachy keen. But WHATEVER. It’s his smelly room and I will leave him to de-stankify it. More on that later.

First! Your questions...

mochalatte7362 asked: A friend of mine (who is a self professed bed-jumper) recently told me he likes me in a kissy-smoochy-special-huggy kind of way. He hasn’t stopped his bed-jumping and I’m not all for the bed-jumping. Do I tolerate the bed-jumping and give the bed-jumper a chance?

This is a toughy. I assume that you’re at least somewhat interested in this person, given that you’re asking in the first place, so the first thing you might want to consider is whether or not there’s a chance of him changing his philandering ways. By the sound of it, he hasn’t given you much reason in the past to make it seem like this is possible, but you never know. From what I can tell from my limited knowledge of relationships, they are all about compromise. But one thing you should never compromise is your integrity.

If I were you (which I’m not, so this is purely my ingenuous advice) I would sit him down and explain to him your stance—whatever that might be—on your sexuality, what you’re willing to do/not do, and what you’re comfortable with a potential partner doing outside of your relationship. If he’s willing to change his philandering ways and be with you and only you, then great! Give him a shot. But if he won’t stop playing musical mattresses, then it’s tough luck for you, sister :S You can’t force people to change, but there’s no reason you have to date the guy.

jxsssica asked: What is your favourite Super Smash Brothers character?

Usually I use Lucas or Zero Suit Samus, but recently I’ve gotten good using Star Wolf and MetaKnight. Rest assured, if there were a LaserBeams the Unicorn option, I would be all up in that biznass.

xxHyperNotesxx asked: What’s your recipe for BEING AWESOME?

You know, many people have asked me this before and I still haven’t figured it out. I often wonder just that, on moonlit nights when I’m circling Gotham City in my Batwing, searching for criminals to incarcerate. When I think back on my life thus far, on my seven consecutive International Brownie-Making Contest wins, my Nobel Peace Prize, and my quadruple platinum recording album, I really can’t see anything worthy of the awesomeness people describe. You’re all too kind.

Hang on a second. My adopted Malawi child needs a tissue...

Rubinne asked: I don’t mean to offend anyone, but isn’t it silly to throw your life away for faith? If God is real, doesn’t he want us to be happy?

That’s a perfectly legitimate, non-offensive question :) I think the important thing to remember is that there are many kinds of happiness, or rather, many ways of being happy. I have no doubt that it would make Dorian happy to be with Klarabelle (she’s a gem), but the thing he needs to discern is whether or not he would be happier with her or happier in the priesthood. Also, faith is a funny thing. Usually it has a supernatural element to it, but faith is to Dorian what values are to you. If he did join the priesthood he wouldn’t see it as throwing his life away. He would see it as choosing to live his life according to what (or who) he believes in.

Duckster’s_Rave asked: How amazing is Dragon Age 2? Is it worth getting instead of the new Pokemon game?

Interstingly, I'm a good person to ask this question because I was greedy and bought BOTH. MRAWHAWHAW—though I have an unhealthy bias in favour of BioWare games. I haven’t beaten Pokemon yet, but DA2 was miraculous :D

And in answer to Purreloek’s question, I started romancing Anders but he broke my heart. Biggest sad face ever.

Now for the good stuff. It was about a week ago. I hadn’t seen Humphrey in a while, so the two of us ate dinner at his house, went out for a movie and ice cream, and chilled (see what I did there?). Supper was awesome and the movie was lame, so all and all it was a good evening. However.

When we got back to Humphrey’s place and were chillaxin in his living room with our ice cream, Humphrey dropped the bomb. “So,” he said. “I’ve been meaning to tell you.” I don’t remember the details of the conversation, Sparklers. It was all rather awkward and few coherent sentences were formed, but there were two vital pieces of information I received:

1. Scruff is involved in... things. Illegal things. He’s not the ringleader of a crime cartel, by any means, but it’s on shaky enough moral ground that it threw me. He’s not hurting anyone but himself—not directly, anyway—but I’d never have thought he was the kind of person to get involved in such things. Now, it’s not as though he’s doing this as a personal attack to me. Truth be told, he barely knows me compared to his many other friends. But I put this man on a pedestal, for goodness sake! Talk about romantic fantasies crashing down. It’s hard not to feel affronted. Not only that, but for whatever reason, Humphrey is perfectly okay with this.

(I should mention that Humphrey's revelation was not entirely out of the blue. I had known—or at least suspected—that Scruff was involved in these things at one point in time, but I was led to believe that he was finished with them.) Speaking of Humphrey...

2. Scruff and Humphrey may or may not be dating. The two of them have been spending a lot of time together as of late, so this didn’t really come as much of a surprise. I can’t remember if I ever mentioned that Humphrey broke up with his long-time boyfriend, Jitterbug (or did I call him JackintheBox? I can’t remember). Needless to say, Humphrey is completely over Jitterbug, though as you all know, Scruff is not entirely over his ex-boyfriend. This is the reason Scruff was reluctant to date me.


Aside from the tiny pin-prick of annoyance I felt at being chosen over someone else, I have been more than "over" Scruff for quite some time now. Humphrey told me all this because he knew that I was also interested in Scruff at one point in time, but I gave him my blessing and told him I was happy for them. But here’s where the “may or may not” part comes in. A few weeks back, Humphrey and Scruff went to a rave together. I’m not big on the whole rave scene, but I think it was Edmonton’s biggest rave of the year; something I’ll call "Amperage." Apparently the two of them went together and had an awesome time, Scruff crashed at Humphrey’s place that night, and then they spent the whole next day cuddling together in bed. And when Humphrey asked, “Are you sure we’re not dating?” Scruff avoided the question.

And if that’s not drama-rama enough for you, there’s one more thing I that I didn’t realize until after I got home that night: Do you all remember a few posts back when Scruff and I were playing video games and snuggling? And he was running his hand through me hair, all cute-like? If my math is right, that happened AFTER Amperage. Which means that Scruff and I were snuggling AFTER Humphrey believed the two of them to be dating. And then there was that lewd shower comment Scruff made, too...

I don’t know what Scruff is thinking, Sparklers. Maybe he’s still not over his ex and truly isn’t ready for a committed relationship, or simply doesn’t want one right now. Maybe he’s even torn between Humphrey and me. Or maybe it’s some combination of the two. Either way, this is all rather messy. I need a few days to think it through.

*salutary fist bump*

What do YOU think Scruff is thinking?

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