Confessions of an RA: Nude Models? So Awk.

Confessions of an RA: Nude Models? So Awk.

By Lindsay Puvel

Being an RA is full of awkward moments. Walking in on one of your girls macking the guy(s) from upstairs is awkward. Walking into your room to find a bunch of residents curled up in your bed is awkward. Sleepwalking into the hallway with no pants on is very awkward. Few moments, however, drive the mercury up the awkward thermometer as quickly as does drawing a naked woman with one of your residents.

Having class with residents is always a bit awkward because no one is really sure who fits where on the social hierarchy. In the dorms, the RA and the resident are not equals, and that’s very clear. In class, where you’re both students under the mercy of the professor, that line is blurred. So how can an already awkward situation become even more awkward? Add a voluptuous naked woman into the mix.

My art class on Monday and Wednesday nights is a standard drawing class with an emphasis on the figure. As my mother is an art teacher, I grew up in a family that appreciates drawing and painting and especially the beauty of the figure. This semester, desiring to improve my drawing skills (and win my mother’s affection), I signed up for my drawing class only to discover that one of my residents had also signed up. I have a pretty good relationship with this resident—in fact, if I wasn’t her RA, we would probably be good friends—so I wasn’t too worried about our shared class, or the many hours we would spend ogling birthday suits together.

Even on Monday, when a pretty woman walked into the studio with a robe over her shoulder, I wasn’t worried. I figured that we’re both mature, responsible adults. Surely, we can conduct ourselves accordingly. So of course, this is how our conversation went:

Me: Hey, I think that’s the model.

Marilyn: Oh yeah, I guess it is. She’s probably keeping her clothes on for the first night though, wouldn’t you think?

Me: I dunno, maybe. No wait. She’s taking off her shoes.

Marilyn: Maybe we’re doing hands and fee—nope, there go the pants.

Me: Audible gasp!

Truthfully, the situation was more funny than awkward. Actually, with some of the boys in our class, it was hilarious. The longest pose we did was 15 minutes and afterward I looked at the two senior boys to my right and saw that, while they had sketched the model’s general shape, they had spent the majority of the 15 minutes giving her very detailed breasts…boys.

Overall, drawing the model with my resident was not as awkward as it could have been. Maybe it was because of our already strong relationship, or maybe it was because we really are mature, responsible adults (very unlikely). Regardless, though it worked for me, if you ever become an RA, I don’t suggest you involve nudity in any of your programs or ice breakers.

Have you ever taken a class with nude models?

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