Introducing Your New Favorite Tweeter

Introducing Your New Favorite Tweeter

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Does anyone else grin and giggle like a lunatic all the way through Lunar Circus's posts? —Sparkitors

Guess what. Last week was pretty much the most craptastic crap storm ever to ravage my cul de sac. There was no literal storm, mind you, but somehow the power still managed to go out THREE TIMES in TWO DAYS. That means no internet either. Oh, and we had no hot water for some reason. Add in studying for/writing final exams and it’s like I said: bona fide crap storm. Granted, some of my terror was self inflicted. It probably wasn't a good idea to spend study breaks reading the Hunger Games series by candlelight, full of death and destruction as they are. Being alone in a lightless, heatless basement reading about scavenging and fighting for your life doesn’t do much to raise the spirits. Dang well felt like the world was ending.




So uh.... let’s lighten the mood, shall we? :D

amk881 asked: Is there ever a time when brownies just aren’t good enough, like when you get super depressed?


Dreamerlily said: Lunar answered my question! I have been touched by the awesome.

Yes, little one, I have indeed touched thee, but only in a non-creepy way. Totes mcgoats. In case you’re wondering, this is very similar to being Touched by an Angel, though it involves more dragons and unicorns and is substantially less weepy. Bless you, child.

john_vs­_wild asked: Your description of Scruff’s behaviour sounds like he’s been street racing. Is this right?

I can neither confirm nor deny this, but I CAN say he has not been involved in the sacrifice of small goats to deities arcane. Thank goodness.

Mademoiselle95 asked: If drinking alcohol underage is bad but practically socially required as an adult, how do I make the transition without falling to abuse? How can I be a moderate drinker?

First off, there are plenty of adults who don’t drink alcohol and this can be for a number of reasons. Some are alcoholics who can’t go near the stuff, some are ideologically opposed to the consumption of alcohol, and some just don’t like the taste or smell of alcohol or the feeling of being drunk. Heck, there’s probably even more reasons that I’m not thinking of, and what’s great is that if you are one of those people who doesn’t want to/can’t drink, most people won’t question it. A simple “I don’t drink” should be all it takes to turn down an offer. Also great: not drinking doesn’t mean you can’t go dancing!

But if you are of age and want to start drinking, this is perfectly fine—so long as you are aware of the dangers. The cold hard truth is that alcohol poisoning does happen and it’s usually to people in our age group. Guys and girls who are new drinkers get overzealous with their new freedom and drink their faces off, and the main place this happens is at clubs, bars, house parties, etc. So just be careful. On your 18th birthday, for example, I suggest resisting the urge to get smashed, especially if you’ve never had a drink before. Your birthday is a big deal, yes, but there will be other opportunities to drink. Just start slow. Get to know your body and what you can take. A safe bet is that if you’re a smaller person, it’s going to take less alcohol to get you drunk. Another thing to remember is that if you find yourself drinking frequently with the sole purpose of drowning your sorrows, this means addiction is approaching. So stop yourself before this happens. If you can’t, it’s time to get help.

And obviously, assign a designated driver if you’re going to be travelling (but that’s probably been hammered into your head since you knew what alcohol was). Good luck, be safe, and have fun! Speaking of alcohol...

If you recall, I left off last time having just French kissed my straight friend for a grand total of seven seconds. It was slimy. Once the shock of what we had done wore off we both got really embarrassed and laughed about it. Then we all moved on to the final club where everyone hung out until they found their own ways home. It was a nice sort of place, really modern, with everything covered in glass and mirrors. The music was bumpin’ so Moxie and I were on the floor for the rest of the night, dancing our hearts out and checking out hot men. And boy, there were a lot of hot men.

This one man in particular...

*sigh* (Here we go again!)

Sparklers, the thing that sucks about meeting people at bars and clubs is that, if you’re looking for a relationship, you’re looking in the wrong place. It’s impossible to get to know someone when it’s too loud to carry on a conversation, and that’s if you even work up the courage to approach them. It's a bit easier in a bar because they're a bit quieter, but not by much. All you can do is eye each other up and down. But it’s still kinda fun :P As I was saying, this one guy was a total fox. Talk, dark, handsome, scruff. And even though we were in a normal bar, he was wholly and irrevocably GAY. He wasn’t flamboyant, he wasn’t fastidiously dressed, and he wasn’t wearing rainbow colours. That’s not how I could tell. I could tell he was gay because he was dancing with another man. Rather intimately, I might add.

Being the inebriated creepy-stalker that I was, I spent a good portion of that evening shooting him glances with what I can only assume was my sexy face but more likely resembled a flatulent possum. And being that I was inebriated, the fact that he was dancing with ANOTHER MAN didn’t really click with me. So I kept shooting him furtive, hopeful glances, and with all my staring it became apparent that he was part of a group of three people: he, his date, and another friend of theirs who was also obviously gay. None very flouncy, all very masculine—in other words, exactly what I’m attracted to.

However, being that I was an inebriated creepy-stalker, it turns out that I was acting sort of... well, creepy. Again, it didn’t seem to click until afterward how creepy I was being but I think I was making him a little uncomfortable :( I’m super sorry! Man, if knew where he lived I would totally bake him a batch of consolatory brownies (ignoring the fact that tracking down where he lives is about the creepiest, most stalkerish thing I could possibly do. I might as well take his picture).


Eventually it got to the point that he actually came over, grabbed me by the arm, and dragged me over to his single friend to introduce us. Then he sort of walked away. As it was really loud and I couldn’t hear a word he said, I had to ask the single guy his name again. We’re going to call him Sushi because he was nice and kind of sweet, but not really my thing. Anyway, the two of us danced together for a bit and then I think I had to go to the bathroom, but when I came out again I couldn’t seem to find him. So I
located Moxie again and we finished off the last few songs together, then we called a cab home. All in all, a good night!!

Next week’s teaser: I recently joined a gay dating site :O OKAY JUDGE ME.

P.S. My twitter page is a go!! You can find it here. Follow me! Follow me! I say this because I have a hoarder’s personality and I want to collect you all. If one of you could change your name to Pikachu, that would be marvelous.

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