You Know You Go to Virginia Tech When…………

You Know You Go to Virginia Tech When…………

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ktloren spills the secrets—here's what it's really like to be a Hokie!—Sparkitors

Virginia Tech is the largest university in Virginia. It puts the small town of Blacksburg on the map. We have some of the nation’s top programs in engineering, architecture, and business. We also have an awesome community of amazing people. These days, however, VT has become known mostly for sports and the tragic massacre that happened a few years ago. However, as a student here, I can say that Virginia Tech is so much more than that! So for anyone who’s ever wondered what a Hokie is, or anyone who’s considering becoming one, here’s some of the ways that you know you’re a Hokie:

-You know the full name of the school is Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. So you understand why they shorten it.

-When people ask you what a Hokie is, you always respond, “I am!” Then you have to tell them the actual background of the word, since for some reason they never seem to think that’s a suitable answer.

-You know that “Hokie” is actually a made-up word written in the fight song a long time ago. You aren’t really sure how it went from that to the current mascot.

-It is entirely normal for it to be 68 and sunny one day, then a total blizzard the next.

-You believe that orange and maroon make the most beautiful color combination, which is why they make up at least 75% of your wardrobe.

-You are seriously considering naming your firstborn child Frank Beamer Insertlastnamehere.

-25 mph winds sounds like a normal walk to class.

Whenever you hear the phrase “let’s go,” no matter what the context, you immediately respond “HOKIEEESSSSSSS!”

-You will verbally rip to shreds anyone who even hints at making fun of what happened on April 16, 2007.

-One of your deciding factors in selecting a college was resemblance to Hogwarts.

-If someone tries to argue that another school is better, you can always respond with, “Oh yeah? Does your dining hall serve lobster?”

-You start jumping when you hear the beginning of “Enter Sandman,” no matter where you are or what you’re doing. You are also considering playing it at your wedding.

-You voted for Fighting Gravity 25 times after every episode of America’s Got Talent, and were absolutely shocked when they didn’t win.

-You are more scared of the squirrels on campus than they are of you.

-You despise the NCAA tournament selection committee with everything in you.

-You go home for break and miss the amazing campus food.

-Classes are not cancelled even though you slip and fall at least once on the way there thanks to the 2 inches of ice covering every paved surface.

-You help raise record-breaking numbers for Relay for Life every year.

-You truly believe that God is a Hokie, because He turns all the leaves maroon and orange for football season.

Wait, your dining hall serves LOBSTER?!

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