Things To Adjust To When You Move Back Home for the Summer

Things To Adjust To When You Move Back Home for the Summer

By Lucy Hutchinson

Some of you went away to college this year. And that means that some of you will be coming back from college over the summer—and moving back home with your family. And no matter how excited you are to see your parents and/or goldfish, there are things you'll have to re-adjust to. All those rules you were so elated to get away from—"No drinking milk on the good couches." "No vacuuming the cat just to see what happens." "No yodelling practice after 11 pm."—will be right there waiting for you when you get home. And since Americans have RIDICULOUSLY long summer vacations (seriously, 3 months? Australian kids only get 6 weeks!), you're going to have to put up with these things for a long time. Here's a handy list of stuff that will soon start to annoy the heck out of you.


Doing chores, for money or privileges, is part of being a kid. When you move back home, the chores will still be there, though the money and privileges will have mysteriously vanished. Raking up the dead leaves in the front yard and the dead rats in the garage were always your jobs when you lived at home... and they haven't been done since you left, so get raking, young lady.

Weird friendships

Reconnecting with your old school friends will totally make up for not seeing your new college friends for months, right? Well, sure. OR, all your old friends will have turned into beret-wearing, moustache-stroking, ukulele-playing maniacs and you'll spend the whole summer having awkward, stilted conversations with them about movies you haven't seen and bands that are so cool they don't even play music.


Your 16-year-old sister has to be home by 10, so your parents see no reason that you shouldn't be, too. You tried to reason with them by telling them about that time last semester when you stayed out all night and ended up sleeping in a shopping cart by the lake and it was TOTALLY fine... but for some reason they weren't moved. Oh well,  you don't want to spend too much time with your old friends anyway.

New habits

You've grown and changed as a person (probably) over the course of your first year of college. No doubt you've picked up a whole bunch of cool new hobbies and habits. So don't worry about the weird looks you get from your family for building abstract sculptures out of gum whilst watching 24-hour Dr. Who marathons, and blow-drying your hair into a single 3-foot spike every morning. It's not nearly as bad as your parents taking up nude tennis, anyway.


Has your family always eaten this many different colors at every meal? And why are there so many kinds of cheese in the fridge? After two semesters of student food, any meal that doesn't come in a plastic box and/or foil sack will seem strange and foreign to you. It's okay. That tingling in your fingertips is caused by "vitamins," and they won't hurt you as long as you stay calm.

What's bugging you most about being back home?

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