Dorm Room Art Even YOU Can Make

Dorm Room Art Even YOU Can Make

By Jon_Skindzier

If you're not artistically inclined, you might assume you're not capable of decorating with artsy art, the creative kind that makes drama majors swoon and engineering majors scramble to escape out the window. But if Andy Warhol could have some guys pee on a canvas and the result is worth two million dollars, then surely you are also capable of high art. All it takes is inventiveness, confidence, and pee the willingness to nail stuff to the wall that you probably should have left in the garbage where you found it.

Duct Tape Art
Providing cheap crafting material since the dawn of time, or at least since the dawn of tape, duct tape can be used to make anything a student might require, from turtles to bullwhips. If whatever you're into does in fact require turtles and bullwhips, please do not tell us about it.

Junk Collections
Nothing adds character to a dorm room like a collection of assorted weirdness that implies you are a treasure hunter, a magician, or just dangerously insane. If you're concerned that you don't have anything presentable enough to display, then you're already overthinking this project. One example on the linked page appears to contain candles, dead birds, and Chiclets. Further down is a jar of melty spoons. The only rule here is to be weird.

Photo/Art Collages
Hand-paint some picture frames and fill them with pictures of you and your friends, or of you photoshopped into pictures of someone else's friends. Collages can be as artsy and self-indulgent as you'd like; feel free to make yours contain nothing but shots of you staring unsettlingly at the camera and an upside-down poem about your cat, who died. If you're really brave, you can even make a collage out of dry-erase boards, then rely on everyone's shared creativity to keep the whole thing covered in fresh art. This being a dorm, of course, your dry-erase boards will be defaced with unintelligible profanity in about four minutes.

Floral Arrangements
Having flowers in your room is reliable way to indicate you like things that are alive, which should nicely offset your creepy collage or cabinet of mystery. Of course, you can just as easily mix and match fake flowers in a creative arrangement; what's important is to use a fun receptacle for them, like a painted glass bottle or a vial of human blood. No, wait! Not the second one.

Nursery Letters
The fun thing about festive cut-out letters is that you can spell whatever you want with them. Well, it's not so much a fun thing about letters as it is the only thing about letters, but still, you can adapt this DIY nursery craft to your own needs. You probably won't want yours to say "baby." Or maybe you do; we're not going to pry into your personal life.

Something With Milk Crates, Cinder Blocks, And Christmas Lights
It might not be an original idea, but every dorm room is obligated to make use of these basic elements eventually. You may want to just chuck some cinder blocks and Christmas lights in a milk crate, slop some paint on top, and call it a day.

What's on your wall?

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