Camp for Bookworms

Camp for Bookworms

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Ginger's dream vacation sounds a lot like ours! —Sparkitors

There are generally two schools of thought on taking vacations. The first school holds that while you're on vacation, you should be active and have as much fun as possible in as much time as you’re given. The second says that a vacation is a time for rest and relaxation, and you should take the time to unwind. And maybe read a book or four. I happen to be of the second persuasion.

This summer, my family is going on vacation to a Christian family camp, as we do every year. All the activities are optional, and there is a lovely beach. But while my family takes advantage of all the wonderful activities available for our enjoyment, I’d rather spend my time reading with a friend of mine that we vacation with. Here is my ideal week in a nutshell:

Sunday: Arrive at camp, partially through book one, which I started in the car. Promise to unpack while my family goes on the traditional “Start of Camp!” hike. Neglect to unpack. Read on the beach.

Monday: Apply lotion to my sunburn for the entire morning. Continue to resemble Bob the Tomato. Decide to read in the shade, overlooking the beach, with a friend. Occasionally read passages aloud.

Tuesday: Become frustrated with everyone who asks me what/why I’m reading. Join in a game of sheepshead (the weirdest and also best card game you will ever play) to placate my family. Win.

Wednesday: Decide to join in with the massive game of capture the flag, the best part of the week. Twist something, get bitten by something, and start bleeding profusely from my leg for no apparent reason. Still have a blast. Finish book one. It was fantastic. Start book two.

Thursday: Consider playing tennis, because I should probably start to get back in shape for the fall season. Nahh…  Consider getting to know some of the people I’ve been living with. Decide to go to the bonfire, because I haven’t had enough time to get into book two yet. Miss book two while singing ridiculous songs at the bonfire.

Friday: Apply more lotion to the sunburn that I inevitably have, again. Realize that book two is the best thing I’ve ever read, and almost forget to go to lunch.

Saturday: Throw my clothes haphazardly into a bag. Do not fold. Continue book two, in hopes of distracting myself from the fact that I am leaving this place of magic. Avoid saying goodbye to people, because I hate goodbyes. Also, the only person I could say goodbye to is my reading buddy, and he has his nose buried in book four.

Ginger’s Song of the Week: For all those who like jazz, this is my favorite piece ever by my favorite pianist ever. For all those who don’t like jazz… well… I pity your limited existence.

Is reading all day your idea of heaven?

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