Flip Flops, Even When Naked!

Flip Flops, Even When Naked!

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Faye is preparing for college by blogging The Naked Roommate—the ultimate college guidebook. This week: DORM LIFE! —Sparkitors

Chapter 2 of The Naked Roommate starts off with an interesting dilemma proposed by an anonymous college student. (Although it’s not as interesting as the dilemma that Chapter 9 starts with.) Actually, there are a lot of anonymous advice seekers asking Harv questions, so I’ve taken the liberty to name them all Debby and rewrite their letters in my own words. Debby asks:

Dear Harv,

I want to live in a dorm, but I love my puppy. Should I live in an apartment with my puppy instead of in a dorm with other human beings?

Love always,

Dear Debby,

I love puppies as much as the next book: they’re soft and cuddly and sometimes they trip over their own paws. But dorm life rocks! (Except when it doesn’t). Anyway, if you really want a pet, consider getting a plant. I suggest naming it Harv Jr.

Your dear friend,
Harv goes on to list why Dorms are super cool:

1) First-year residence halls are full of clueless first-year students. Just like you! Already you have so much in common.

2) There are cool Resident Assistants who help all the clueless first-year students to not be so clueless.

3) It’s super easy to make friends. Just leave your door open (when you’re in your room) and clueless first-year students will walk in. They’re either drawn to your clueless first-year student vibes, or they forgot which room was theirs. Either way- instant friendship.

4) Location, location, location.

5) You get to go out shopping for awesome dorm stuff!

And then some reasons why Dorms are not super cool:

1) You always have to wear flip-flops in the shower. ALWAYS. This is at least the third time Harv has mentioned this in the first two chapters.

2) If you leave your door open (and you’re not in the room), Harv Jr. might not be there when you come back. He could be plant-knapped! And your TV might be missing, too.

3) Seriously, you always have to wear flip-flops.

In Super Happy Fun Time News, all my Residential Life stuff arrived in the mail today. Weird, it came the same day that I had to stop procrastinating and actually read the chapter on Residential Life. It’s like a sign…that I should buy a plant or something.

I’m insanely excited to go shopping for all my dorm stuff! Except Harv failed to mention what I actually need. So anyone who has been to college, is in college, or has watched a television show where a character goes to college, I need your help. I know the basics—sheets, pillows, towels, lamp—but what else do I definitely have to get? (Besides the baby cactus that I intend to buy and name Harv Jr., because cacti are hard to kill and every plant I’ve ever cared for has died. Rest in peace baby orange tree, baby palm tree, other baby palm tree, and Chris, the baby Christmas tree.)

Oh, and after I got into the college website—after trying different username and password combinations for half an hour since I forgot to write down what I used when I made the account—I found out my roommates’ names! Guess how many roommates I have. The winner will receive 20 brownie points.

Brownie points are not redeemable for actual brownies.

Until next week,

Faye :)

What do you think should be on Faye's dorm room shopping list?

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