The Lazy Post

The Lazy Post

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The great poet Bruno Mars once said, “Today I don't feel like doing anything; I just wanna lay [sic] in my bed.” Such words spoke to me on a recent summer morning. I had a day off work, and instead of making plans with friends, running errands, or going shopping, I decided to spend the day doing absolutely nothing. By "absolutely nothing," I mean refusing to leave my house, and only watching movies. It was pure bliss.

There are plenty of days in the summertime to spend working or reuniting with school friends. Everyone needs a lazy day from time to time, and I think we’re all entitled to them. No chores, no summer schoolwork, just you and whatever makes you happy. Whether you enjoy camping in the woods a la Henry David Thoreau, or camping in the living room watching movies a la Courtney Guth, indulge yourself!

The movie theatre is too overpriced, so I settled for homemade popcorn, my beanbag chair (so 1990s), and my snuggie. No surround-sound or 3D glasses needed, only some old VHS tapes and DVDs. (Please tell me you know what a VHS and VCR are…I like to think I’m still young.) I had quite the assortment: My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Wall-E, and Airplane! Each movie takes me back to specific memories and fun times. And oh, none of them are based on books, so I didn’t have to spend my time angrily yelling at the TV for ruining my beloved classics.

If you’re looking for some fun things to do besides a movie marathon...

Read: Perhaps not something from your summer reading list, but something you enjoy. Take a trip to the library and discover a new favorite genre. Whether it’s catty, romance-filled teen dramas or science fiction, whatever your guilty pleasure is, indulge in it. Bonus points if you spend the entire day reading in bed.

Listen to music: Pop in your favorite CD. I’m a big show tunes fan, so I’d probably end up dancing around belting out Don’t Cry for Me Argentina or All That Jazz, but whatever floats your boat. Opt for some mellow jazz, or scream-o, whatever relaxes you. I don’t see how scream-o is relaxing, but hey, whatever.

Watch trashy televison: Nothing is as entertaining as the classic Maury mystery “Who’s the Daddy?”—well, maybe Jerry Springer. There’s also the drama and terrible acting of daytime soap operas. Mind-numbing television can be a great escape from day-to-day stress—just promise me you’ll read a book after.

Are you enjoying your days off this summer? Or are you bored out of your mind?

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