Living with a Guy Friend: The Pros and Cons

Living with a Guy Friend: The Pros and Cons

By Kathryn_Williams

It is likely that until you go to college, unless you grew up on a hippie commune (warning: link contains butts), you have not had the chance to live in close proximity with someone of the opposite gender not related to you by blood or marriage. Having a roommate with different sexy parts can be confusing, liberating, enraging, awkward, and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Yours truly has lived with a boy, and he neither gave her cooties, nor annoyed her (most of the time), but he did have to parade past her in a towel every day. If you're thinking about taking the co-ed plunge, consider these pros and cons:Pro: No one "borrows" your favorite new shirt with tags still on.
Con: No one borrows clothes, period.

Pro: You may sneak a naked peek. Sweet.
Con: You may sneak a naked peek. Shudder.

Pro: You've got a live-in translator for all of your crush's actions, inactions, words, and silences.
Con: You got a live-in crush, who sees you pre-coffee, pre-shower, and post-number two.

Pro: No awkward laundry underwear mix-ups.
Con: He/she finds your unmentionables stuck to the wall of the dryer.

Pro: No drama.
Con: More drama than an episode of Glee starring a Real Housewife of New Jersey after the final rose.

Pro: He/she brings hot friends over.
Con: He/she hooks up with your hot friends.

Pro: Finally, someone to explain the appeal of golf/Tyra Banks to you.
Con: Remote control wars.

Pro: An excuse to buy cute his and hers towels.
Con: Toilet seat wars.

Pro: S.O./roommate bonding.
Con: S.O./roommate jealousy.

Pro: Insight into the workings of the opposite sex.
Con: Disillusionment.

Pro: Accidental hook-ups.
Con: Accidental hook-ups.

Have you ever had a roommate with different sex chromosomes? Dream or disaster?

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