Back at School, and I Have a Single!

Back at School, and I Have a Single!

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One of the best feelings in the world is catching yourself smiling. This has happened to me all day today; I'm back at school! Even though I'm here really early for the tennis season, there are still a bunch of my friends around campus. I guess that would make sense, seeing as I'm friends with the tennis team. Anyway, I spent almost all day dragging my luggage halfway across campus (which took five trips—thank goodness for my enormous tennis shoulders), and assembling my room. I'm pretty darn pleased with the results.

The room itself wasn't my first choice; I was originally going to be in an enormous double room on the other side of campus. Then Residence Life called, and were like, “Hey, we ran out of rooms for the incoming class, so you can have a single room wherever you want.” My roommate and I agreed that this was pretty freaking awesome, so we are now the proud owners of two rather large singles right next to each other, and in good walking distance of almost everything. Win.

Favorite parts:

- I have my own, normal-sized closet! Maybe this is weird, but I've never actually had my own, normal-sized closet. Always had to share it with someone, or it was under the staircase or something weird like that.

- Mini-freaking-catapult on my dresser. I made it myself last year out of pure boredom during Christmas break. It involves wooden dowels, a plastic spoon, a rubber band, a 10-foot range, and minimal accuracy.

- I live two doors down from my best friend on campus. What could be greater? Nothing, that's what.

- The enormous sound system on the shelf on my desk (i.e. directly in front of my face) that is currently blasting obnoxious dance music.

- The small animals that flank the enormous sound system. These include, but are not limited to: a 1” wooden green elephant, 4 dinosaurs (approx. 3/4” apiece) sculpted of clay by a friend of mine, one 6” Deinonychus, one 3” Stegosaurus, 1 hand-carved soap turtle. You might say I went through my dinosaur phase late in life.

- It's so big, I have room to lie down between my bed and wall. And I'm not exactly short. This couldn't even happen at my parent's house! Who knew that the biggest room I've ever had in my life would be a dorm. Nobody knew, that's who.

Least favorite parts:

- No microwave, fridge, or tv. I've come to terms with this.

- Insect life. There was a massive dead beetle on the floor when I walked in, a (quite literally) 2-inch long wasp outside the dorm, and a rather obnoxious cricket right outside my window. Good thing killing bugs is my specialty. I'm merciless. Why aren't I going to college to become an exterminator...?

- The walking distance from the tennis courts isn't going to be especially fun. Especially at those 6:30 AM practices we have for the next two weeks.

- No air conditioning. Easily solved by an overpriced window fan.

- I'm going to have to use a public shower for the first time in my life. In about 10 minutes. Wish me luck!

- The strange burn markings in the corner obviously indicate a secret cult ritual of some kind. I'll do some investigating, and get back to you.

Ginger's Song of the Week: Don't you like it when hardly-known artists reimagine popular songs? Well, I do.

Do you have to shower in public? How scary!

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