5 Lessons I Learned While Selling Beer From a Golf Cart

5 Lessons I Learned While Selling Beer From a Golf Cart

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Courtney Guth, any of those pickup lines would work on us—especially the one about knees. —Sparkitors

Enter any minimum wage workplace this summer, and chances are, you will find herds of college students attempting to earn some extra cash before they return to school in the fall. You’ll find these people outside of Hollister asking if you’ve tried their new SoCal scent (yes, I can smell it from the other end of the mall), or in the food court handing out free samples, or in fun food service locations scooping ice cream or serving burgers.

This summer, I had the opportunity to do something different. I was offered a position at a local golf course.

I enjoy the miniature version of golf, but that's where my knowledge of the game ends. Birdies, bogies, backspins, and bunkers sounded as foreign to me as Celtic whale songs. Luckily, I didn’t have to be up on my golf terminology; I just had to know how to drive. For you see, my job had nothing to do with schooling swings or practicing putting. My responsibility was to drive around the course on a beverage cart selling beer, soda, water, and snacks to all the patrons. Best. Job. Ever.

I’ve definitely enjoyed my time on the golf course each afternoon, and I am certainly going to miss it. Fortunately, I’ve taken away more than a handful of tips from this job (in addition to the monetary tips, that is).

#1: When you’ve got it, flaunt it: Ulla of The Producers believes you should flaunt some specific, ahem, assets, but I’m talking about more than just appearances. I inherited my mother’s perky and bubbly personality, which transfers well to the golf course. No one likes a Mr. Grumpy Gills on his or her day on the links. My upbeat good morning greetings and my general cheerfulness work in my favor. Find your particular strength and put it to use.

#2: Befriend the maintenance crew: The maintenance crew and the custodial staff are the people who keep the whole place running. It’s important never to take them for granted. I always make sure to thank them when they offer to gas up my cart or help me carry something. Because I'm polite to them, they have been more willing to help with serious matters, such as hypothetically running the cart into a ditch…not that that ever happened. This lesson transfers to any “real job.” Don’t overlook any of your coworkers.

#3: Pick-up lines never work, but they are entertaining: I’ve heard my fair share of ridiculous pick-up lines on the job. It comes with the territory when you’re a nineteen-year-old woman driving a cart full of beer through a golf course filled with men. Some of the lines are cute (“If you were my English teacher, I probably would have paid attention more"). Other lines are pretty punny (“I kneed you,” accompanied by a raised knee). Some are just plain creepy (“I need a Coors light, and your number…if you’re legal”). All in all, none of them work, but they keep the job interesting. So if you’re thinking of using one, don’t, unless you’re just aiming to lighten up someone’s day with a little humor.

#4: Jobs can turn into a workout: When my friends on the maintenance crew aren’t able to help me lift things, I carry the cases of beer and sodas all by myself. I may not have Michelle Obama’s awesome arms, but I have definitely improved my strength. If you look for little ways to keep working out during the day, it’s easy to stay fit on the job or in your classroom. Take the long way to class, or forgo the elevator in favor of the stairs. It’s an added bonus when you’re being paid to do it!

#5: I want to own a golf cart: Seriously, they are one of the most fun machines to drive. I always enjoy zipping around the course and over the bumps. I hope I’m not the only one who pretends I'm on a safari in the African plains. I am? Oh. Ok.

I want one to take a golf cart to campus next week. It would make getting to class a lot easier. Just watch out for those ditches!

Have you learned anything interesting from your summer job?

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