Why Living at Home Is Pretty Awesome

Why Living at Home Is Pretty Awesome

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After reading That*One*Asian*Chick's post, we're starting to wish we still lived at home. :/ —Sparkitors

I’ve been perusing this site rather enthusiastically over the past few days (alas, my office job is one of those where I just sit and use the internet for eight hours and get paid to do it, not very hard but rather tedious), and I’ve been seeing a whole lot of “why I miss college” and “why I want to get back to college ASAP as in right now” articles. And it makes me wonder: doesn't anyone like being at home for the summer? Maybe it’s just me, but coming home, especially after nine months of living in a dorm, was extremely refreshing. These are some of the things that I'll miss about home...  and for those of you anticipating your first year of college this coming August, trust me, you’ll soon miss these things too…

1. Laundry. Never at home did I have to wait for ten other kids to finish using a washing machine so I could cram all my clothes into it and watch it like a hawk to make sure no one manhandles and discards my clothes so they can use the washing machine. I don't even want to think about how many socks have been lost, or how many silky intimates have been fingered. When there are only eight washers and eight dryers to be shared between 200 kids, things get a little Lord of the Flies in the laundry room (possibly minus the pig's head on a stick).

2. Privacy. Unless you're extremely rich or contaminated with a freakishly contagious disease, you probably don't have your own room at school. So unless you lock the door, close the blinds, and kick your roommate out for a bit, you can’t exactly disco-dance around the room in your underwear. The lack of privacy is something to seriously take into consideration, not only for etiquette’s sake, but also due to the now-constant threat of theft. If you don't lock your door, any old scumbag can see your door unlocked, saunter in, and walk out with your $2.5 billion laptop. And since most dorms don’t have cameras (at least there's SOME privacy) in the halls, you’ll probably never find out who took your stuff and consequently can’t go use your top-secret spy skills to get revenge.

3. Bathrooms. Every dorm I’ve been in has had a community bathroom shared by all the people on the hall. I'm not exactly looking forward to sharing a bathroom with tons of people I don't know—especially since some people are horrifyingly gross when it comes to bathrooms, and everyone else has to deal with the repercussions. Not all people flush, some people don’t dispose of their (ahem) “feminine products” properly, and I’ve even seen a custodian cleaning both crap and vomit out of a shower. How the heck are you supposed to use that shower ever again? Yeah, the mess was cleaned and sanitized, but the mental stains are already there, and will haunt you for the rest of your days…or at least until you leave the dorm.

4. Family. Don’t get me wrong, living with your friends is pretty great. Staying up until 2 in the morning talking about every topic under the sun is an amazing bonus of going to college. But there’s just something irreplaceable about family and their awesome ability to help you with your problems. They have seen you in your shining moments of amazingness, in your lowest of lows, and every other place in between. They SHOULD be there for you and accept you, no matter what you’ve done, what you’re doing, or what you’re planning to do. I know “leaving the nest” is a part of growing up, but it’s still a little unnerving.

5. Lack of stress. Returning home from college is a glorious thing. For about two weeks your parents will shower you with attention and appreciate you and all the things you do, you’ll gorge yourself on home-cooked meals, sleep in your own bed, shower in your own shower, and most importantly, you won’t be thinking about when this paper is due or when you need to start studying for that exam. Eventually your parents will get used to your presence again, yell at you again, demand for you to do miscellaneous chores again, and you’ll start thinking about how great college was and how you can’t wait to go back…but that's more along the lines of “I can’t wait to see all my friends again” not “I can’t wait to start studying for an hour a night again so I can keep my GPA up.”  Living at home you don’t have to worry about rent (hopefully), or where you next meal will be coming from, or studying for that exam tomorrow while working 37 hours a week.

Will you miss living at home?

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