My Sudden Love for Math

My Sudden Love for Math

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It's almost two weeks into the semester, and I've FINALLY been accepted into my Calculus and Physics classes. Yes, that's right, I've been going to them without being on the class list or having a book or anything. You might think that would excuse me from doing homework. No such luck.

But it all worked out after I dropped an Art History and a History class; I am now enrolled in my first science classes of my collegiate career! Yay!

Do you want to know a secret?

I'm actually really enjoying both Calc and Physics. I used to be a squarely humanities person—in fact, I promised myself that I would never take math again. So now I feel torn between my original love, and my new like. I've found that the best way to navigate conflicting emotions such as these is to create pro-con lists.

Humanities (specifically, art and English)

pro: You get to have opinions!

con: If you don't back up your opinions well, they're wrong.

pro: Writing papers can sometimes be easy.

con: Writing papers can sometimes be difficult.

pro: It's really easy to. Um. Pretend you know things when you really don't.

con: It's really easy to procrastinate on papers, especially when there are only a couple a semester.

pro: I really really like the authors we have to read for English classes. Like Shakespeare and Toni Morrison, etc.

con: I really really don't like the readings for art classes. It's really easy for the authors to. Um. Pretend they know things when they really don't.

Science/math/non-humanities in general (specifically, calculus and physics)

pro: You can't have an opinion to be wrong about! (“oh, well maybe if the limit had a more stable family life, it would exist.”)

con: When you're wrong, you're definitely wrong. Partial credit is kind of like a narwhal. Technically it's real, but nobody really believes in it because it's not something you see regularly.

pro: A homework assignment a day keeps the procrastination away.

con: A homework assignment a day isn't nearly as much fun as it sounds.

pro: It's really cute when you get a 20-something temporary professor who's excited about calculus. I hadn't even fathomed being excited about calculus.

con: It's not that cute when when your 50-something tenured professor isn't thrilled about teaching an Intro to Physics class.

pro: When I do well, I get to gloat because none of my family likes math. A text from my dad after I got a 11.5/12 on my calc assignment: “I NEVER IN MY LIFE GOT 11.5 OF 12 WITH ANYTHING HAVING TO DO WITH NUMBERS!”

Ginger's Song of the Week: If you like Mumford and Sons, you'll probably like this song. If you like good music, you'll probably like this song.

Are you torn between two academic loves?

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