You Know You're Living on Campus When...

You Know You're Living on Campus When...

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dac213's hilarious take on dorm life makes us feel really grateful for our high-quality, relatively un-terrifying showers.—Sparkitors

I’ve been at college for a whole week and a half, which makes me completely qualified to write this list. So, you know you’re living on campus when...

1. Ramen becomes a substitute for currency

2. There’s a huge difference between a cold shower, a kinda cold shower, and a lukewarm shower

3. You’ve developed an elaborate and unconventional system of getting dressed and undressed that ensures that no one sees you even slightly naked, at all, ever

4. You know how to wash dishes without ever letting said dishes actually touch a sink that 10-200 (depending on your school) other girls/guys use

5. Shower caddies are indispensable

6. Shower shoes are indispensable too

7. You know why bath sheets are better than regular bath towels

8. You may not be best friends with your roommate(s) or hallmates, but you know things about them that you still don’t know about your best friend

9. You know how long it takes to get from your room to class to arrive there exactly one minute before class starts

10. You know the exact dates when the food in the Dining Hall is best

11. You can sense when members of the opposite sex are creeping around and time your trips to and from the shower accordingly

12. You can debate the relative merits of different foam mattress toppers

What have you learned since you went to college? And can you tell us the best foam mattress topper to buy?

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