Are Frat Guys Jerkwads?

Are Frat Guys Jerkwads?

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If Faye ever goes to a frat party again, we hope she brings a gallon of Purell. —Sparkitors

Imagine a medium sized empty room. There’s black paper covering the windows and several ceiling tiles are missing.

Now imagine that the room is 100 degrees, packed so tightly with sweaty college students that you can’t make it from one side of the room to another without getting shoved. The floor is covered is sticky. You have to shout over the blaring club music to talk to the person next to you.

That’s right. Faye’s been to a frat party. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start with the roommate situation.

Remember how I didn’t mention my roommate last week? That’s because last Friday I didn’t even have one. Yup, I had a room all to myself for the first month of college. It was awesome! The roommate I was going to have (the one who ignored my email over the summer) actually wound up dropping out of college. Which was awesome, because I got the privacy of having a single (while paying for a double), but I didn’t feel lonely since my suitemates and I hung out all the time. Like Miley Cyrus, I had the best of both worlds.

Also like Miley Cyrus, I fell from Disney-innocence to trashy-tabloid stardom. Oh wait…that didn’t happen to me. Anyway, I got a roommate. She’s an honors student who got placed in the athlete dorm because there weren’t enough rooms in the honors dorm, but since my room opened up, she got the other bed space. It’s definitely different having a roommate, but she’s really nice. And I’m not just saying she’s nice because I’m stuck living with her for the next 7 months. She likes reading poetry, wants to be a writer, loves feeding people, and I like eating, so we get along really well. I’ll let you know if anything changes, but so far in the roommate department, I’m doing good.

Onto what you’ve been waiting for: Q&A time!!! SO FREAKEN EXCITED!

Q. I'm wondering how difficult it is to stay focused on school when there is so much fun to have. I would really like to be a good student in college and stuff, but I don't know how easy that's going to be, you know?

A. Gah, this question describes my life right now. Weekends are the worst because you have the illusion of having so much time. You’ll go out for Asian food on Friday, want to go to an amusement park but wind up at a frat party, intend on going to a bowling alley on Saturday night but find yourself at the movie theater, then plan on doing work Sunday morning and accidentally sleep until noon. You also have an engineering paper to write, program to design, and surprise, your physics and chemistry exams are this week. Yeah, when I figure out this “time management” thing, I’ll let you know.

Q. Have you encountered much sexism? Because I have a (possibly irrational) fear that I will get to college and 90% of the males will be misogynist jerkwads of suck.

A. Huh? What?  Sorry, I was busy making a sandwich for my man. Kidding! Is there sexism in college? It really depends on where you are and who you’re with. In the honors dorm, you’ll get the occasional sexist joke, but most of the guys (at least on my floor), are sweethearts. They’ll help you move your furniture and act as manly protection when you get lost in the sketchy part of the city while trying to get to the bowling alley. They’re cool. But then you'll get the obnoxious jerks at baseball games who won’t leave you alone. So yeah, I suppose it's a mix.

Q. What kind of engineering are you studying?!!! It is vital that we know!!!!!

A. Have I never mentioned this before? Technically I’m undecided, but I’m leaning toward mechanical or civil.  My dream job: Disney Imagineer. :)

Yup, so I guess that it. Nothing else to talk about. Until next week,

Kidding. Frat party recap and college fact!

College Fact #2: College students like to think of mandatory rules as recommended guidelines.

So this nice guy on my floor invited my suite to this frat party he was on the list for. (To get into good parties, guys either have to be frat members, be on the list i.e. be friends with a frat member, or have $5 and a whole bunch of girls with them. Girls get into good parties simply by being girls.) Since it was a Friday night and we’ve been in college for a month, we decided to go, but if it was super sketchy we’d leave. We get there, and it’s pretty much exactly how you’d imagine a frat party to be. I found it incredibly hilarious that they have signs posted on the walls saying, “You must be 21 to drink.” Don’t worry Sparklers, I didn’t touch a drop (though I was offered multiple times).

Honest sober opinion of a frat party: It isn’t as cool as people make it out to be. Most of the guys were legit “jerkwads.” Some guys asked if you wanted to dance (and by dance I mean rub their sweaty body all over your sweaty body). Other guys just grabbed you. Not cool. We left after an hour, came back to the dorm, and watched Disney movies—in my opinion, a much better way to spend a Friday night. But I’d have to say it was definitely an experience.

Sleep is for the weak.

Until next week,

Faye :)

Have you ever been to a frat party? Are you nervous about college jerks?

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