How to Survive When You're Slammed with Homework

How to Survive When You're Slammed with Homework

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Sometimes in life, professors can be completely and totally inconsiderate of your feelings. I know, shocker, right? But it's true. They simply don't always care when you have to take time off of homework for the Community season premiere, or when you're going through a really tough transitional period with your friend's new Betta fish. And they slam you with homework anyway. Here's what to do.

1. Don't Panic. I hope all those Hitchhiker's Guide fans out there have this one down pat. The truth is that homework is mostly harmless. Yes, stressful, yes, important, but not worth a breakdown.

2. Get started early. NO PROCRASTINATION. I say this as much for your benefit as mine; procrastination has oft been my downfall. And maybe if I order enough people not to procrastinate, then it won't be a problem for me anymore. Right?

3. Carefully timed study breaks. It's almost literally impossible to function at 100% productivity for an extended period of time. My preferred study break? Coloring. Or eating. Or eating and coloring at the same time. TIP: Youtube study breaks are the worst. Might as well go throw yourself into a maelstrom of music videos. (You know when you have need a pretty basic word and it's on the tip of your tongue, but all you can think of is pretentious-sounding synonyms like "maelstrom"? Yeah. That.)

4. Unless it's a dire situation, get sleep. Seriously. It needs to be a priority. Pulling an all-nighter will do nothing for your exam-taking abilities.

5. Apple cider. Trust me on this.

6. Get yourself some good study music. Classical works well for me. I wouldn't recommend dubstep.

7. Vitamin C is your very best friend. Earlier this week, I accidentally didn't eat a full meal for 3 successive days. Not one of my better life decisions.

8. Find a study buddy! 10 bonus points if they're in your class. 20 if you two are able to work together without taking youtube study breaks. 30 if they're cute.

9. Create a calendar. Yep. Excessive? Maybe. Effective? Absolutely. Especially if it's on a whiteboard and hanging above your bed.

10. Prioritize. Say you have a calculus exam tomorrow and a studio art project due Friday. Do calculus. I know you hate it. Do calculus anyway.

Ginger's Song of the Week: Feist. I'm just going to one-up myself and instead of a song, introduce you all to an entire ALBUM. If you don?t know Feist, they're that band that wrote 1,2,3,4, that song that was featured first on the iPod commercial, then in everything else ever. And they're streaming their new album for free and I like it SO MUCH.

How do you cope with loads of homework from awful professors? We used to just go on Doritos benders and weep, but Ginger's methods seem more productive.

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