Dropping a Class: My Scarlet W

Dropping a Class: My Scarlet W

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Just like Hester Prynne and her Scarlet A, my transcript now bears its own mark of shame—a big, black, permanent, W, which stands for “Withdrawl.”

OK, so it’s really not as bad as it sounds, and it’s definitely not a huge deal in the long run. People drop classes all the time for various reasons. But enough with the excuses; allow me to explain.

I had recently been debating whether I should continue to pursue my double major in English and Education. I’ve been enjoying all of my English courses, but I haven’t felt the same way about my education ones. The education class I was taking this semester was boring me to tears. History of the Philosophy of Education just sounds boring, doesn’t it? On more than one occasion, I found myself slowly drifting to sleep atop my textbook in the library. In class, students would get fired up debating the issues of common core and student tracking. I was getting fired up over winning a game of Words With Friends. Something had to change.

After a nice heart to heart with my mommy and some other helpful pals, I came to the conclusion that education was not what I wanted to do. My heart lies more with editing and publishing than it does with teaching. Because the class I was taking only fulfilled my education requirement, there was no point in wasting my time there any longer. Fortunately, I came to college with some AP credit, so I could afford to drop the class. Now I’m left with only twelve credits this semester and more free time on my hands. As for what to do with that free time, I have plenty of options:

Pick up a minor: No, not someone under the age of eighteen; that’s just creepy. Because I'll now have more room in my schedule, I’m picking up a Communications Minor to complement my current English Major. Yay for fun with Rhetoric! My classes won’t start until next semester, but I can always start preparing. Looking over the course options, I'm excited to take these classes.

Write a novel: Not having to waste time on silly philosophy readings leaves plenty of time for my favorite activity—writing. Since returning to college, my journal has been rather empty. It’s time to give it the attention it deserves. It just so happens that NaNoWriMo is this month. I can devote that extra time to finally writing that novel of mine.

Read a novel: As an English major, I, of course, read a lot. However, I rarely have time for personal reading among the piles of Shakespeare plays and British novels. Not that I don’t enjoy these books. I like reading; that’s why I’m an English Major, but I miss having my own little reading escapes. Now I can actually dive into some pleasurable reading of my own. I'm thinking either The Bell Jar or On the Road.

Find a hobby: Everyone needs a hobby. Some people draw or paint; others jog or dance. Maybe I can take up something like knitting sweaters for cats. I need to stock up for all the GrandCats I’m going to have when I become the typical English Major Cat Lady after graduation. The only problem is that I'm allergic to cats…

Start a project: I can always channel all my creativity into other realms. Over the summer, I painted a canvas with my interpretation of the cover of The Great Gatsby. I’m not the best artist, but it was a lot of fun. I can paint a whole series of book covers! I may not have a future classroom to hang them in anymore, but I’m sure they’d spice up my dorm room.

Get ahead on work: Not having work for another class leaves me with more time to do my other projects. This then results in more free time! It’s like a free time palooza!

Have you ever dropped a class?

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