10 Things You'll Need at College

10 Things You'll Need at College

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This is simply a humble list of items that I didn't initially bring to school, but have found that I can't live without. I tried to keep it low-budget; most of them are either hand-made or “liberated.”

1. A lunch tray. A multi-purpose tool. “Oh, I need a lapdesk? Let me just grab that lunch tray I stole the other day.” “What's that? You need a sled, you say? Let me lend you my lunch tray!” “I need an easel to paint on? A lunch tray will do fine. And a palette? No problem. I'll just go steal another lunch tray.”

2. Febreze. I told myself I would do laundry every weekend. I told myself I would leave the window open to let the room air out. I told myself I wouldn't let random hobos sleep on the floor. And yet. Well, just trust me. Febreeze is a good idea.

3. Whiteboard calendar with optional corkboard. These are super fantastic for organizing your homework assignments/meetings/movie marathons, etc. They really streamline your organization, and you'll probably never forget to do anything ever again. I really need to get one.

4. Disinfectant wipes. I'm not talking hand sanitizing wet wipes. I'm talking Clorox disinfectant wipes that are so thick that only 9 can fit in a package, and you can use one to scrub half your floor. Because that's what I did today. Entire room=disinfected, using only 2 wipes.

5. Toilet paper. Again, multi-purpose. Good for blowing your nose, cleaning up spills, drying tears after you touch your eyes with hands formerly used for disinfecting things, etc.

6. Defense system. This can come in many shapes. You don't want something so big as to permanently scare someone off, but you also want to be able to cut an imposing figure if you have to ward off undesirables (i.e. your neighbor, who wants to watch Twilight with you). The stolen lunch tray is actually pretty decent as a battering device, but for something a little more ingenious, I prefer a miniature (about 5 inches tall) catapult, hand-made by yours truly. Other options; you could learn how to knap flint, and make a throwing-acheulean-hand-axe (are those a thing? I feel like they must be). Boomerangs are always fun. Or you could disinfect your hands, and just go for the eyes.

7. Crayons, tape, and glue. Good for writing letters, and I have never ONCE regretted the packing space taken up by the box of 120 Crayola crayons.

8.  (keeping in line with the previous necessity) Glitter. You simply never know when it'll come in handy. Glitter bombing, of course, is classic, but I like to put a fun spin on it by mailing my friends envelopes that have glitter in them. Only glitter.

9.  A Cheesehead. This, actually, should be at the top of the list. 10-0, everyone!

10. A conversation piece, to avoid awkward silences. “Oh, what's that?” “Nothing, just my stuffed elephant.” “What's his name?” Hannibal.” “Oh...” “Because the Carthaginian general Hannibal marched some elephants over the Alps to attack Rome unexpectedly from the north?” “Oh...”

Sometimes, I think that I might need a new conversation piece.

Ginger's Song of the Week: I've been on a Stravinsky kick lately. I realize that this isn't exactly the type of kick people normally go on (nobody should ever watch the Rite of Spring as many times as I have in the past few days), but after much deliberation, I've decided that I enjoy him. Also, it gives me an excuse to watch Fantasia clips again.

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