Engagements, Girlfriends, and Impending Doom

Engagements, Girlfriends, and Impending Doom

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Talie's back with a Thanksgiving update...and we really mean an update! Get ready for some news... —Sparkitors

So much has happened.


Aside from my pneumonia-ridden Thanksgiving break, I mean. I spent last week blissfully watching Netflix on my couch, literally feeling my brain leaking out of my ears. Thanksgiving itself was rather good—two of my roommates and I headed over to my roommate's friend's apartment and had dinner and watched movies whilst eating the leftovers.

But anywhoo, back to all the craziness.


Rodger. I pined over him the whole week, due to the fact that I hadn't seem him since the borderline-stalker episode. And you know what? It was probably a good thing that I didn't see him because...


Yeppers, Sparkle-muffins, you read right. He's engaged to his intimidatingly gorgeous girlfriend (now fiancée). And as much as I want to hate her, it's virtually impossible. You see, when my roommates and I arrived at his apartment on Monday for our usual game-fest, we found Rodger AND his girlfriend there. And she brought us cinnamon buns. She actually took time out of her day to make us cinnamon buns. And let me just say that those were the most perfect cinnamon buns that I've ever seen. In my entire life.

So I think its pretty safe to say that the reign of the Rodger Is My Soul Mate Era has ended.

Now, lets move on to my other juicy piece of information: remember Spooner? The guy who randomly visits our apartment? Well... he has a girlfriend.

Not gonna lie, I didn't see that coming. I mean, I didn't have feelings for him, but he did tell me on multiple occasions that he liked multiple people besides the girl he's currently dating ... awkward. Oh, and he doesn't come around my apartment anymore... which really isn't a bad thing, since he's pretty annoying.

So, despite the fact that I quit my boy diet almost 6 months ago, my life is still as boyless as a nun's. Maybe I should swear on a life-long boy diet and join a monastery—nothing would change.

Luckily, I go home in two weeks! Un-luckily, returning home also means running into (or, in my case, trying to avoid) some certain people that I haven't seen in about 6 months... Like Diva. And Drummer Boy. And Creepy Ginger. AND DRUMMER BOY.

I think it's clear who I'm rather TERRIFIED of seeing. I haven't talked to or seen DB since the whole unfortunate ordeal of Mr. Hand-holder, who was one of DB's besties. And I'll probably see Mr. Hand-Holder, which is even MORE UNFORTUNATE, since he has a girlfriend but still randomly talks to me on Facebook chat.

DB still doesn't have a Facebook. Just saying.

Okay, okay. Now that I've thought more about seeing DB for the first time in like 6 months, I'm having a minor heart attack. No biggie. Anybody else have that sense of impending doom?

Talie :)

How should Talie prepare for seeing her former crush over Christmas break?

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