I'm Dreaming of a Campus Christmas

I'm Dreaming of a Campus Christmas

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Courtney Guth won't let a teensy dorm room and oodles of finals keep her from feeling merry! —Sparkitors

It’s time to “Haul out the holly and put up the tree before my spirit falls again—for we need a little Christmas, right this very minute!” That song certainly doesn’t lie. Nothing beats the feeling of getting into the Christmas spirit. But amid the stress of finals and last minute projects, finding that spirit becomes a little difficult. However, don’t be the floor’s Ebenezer Scrooge! It’s easy to channel that happy holiday feeling during the school year:

Decorate your dorm: Most dorm rooms are tiny, so a little goes a long way when it comes to decking them out. String up some lights and viola! Instant Christmas feeling! Another great way to show your spirit is to wrap your door with Christmas-themed wrapping paper—it makes it look like a giant present! Remember those paper snowflakes you made in elementary school? Throw a few of those around too for a white Christmas.

Give gifts: When you’ve made a fairly large friend group, it can be overwhelming to buy for all of them, especially when you’re a poor college student. A simple solution is Secret Santa! Rally everyone together, draw names out of a hat, and set a budget. Gift giving just got a lot easier. Everyone can meet up to exchange with each other before parting for the holiday break. It makes for a nice dorm tradition.

Throw an ugly Christmas sweater party: Nothing screams "Christmas" like a tacky sweater emblazoned with a light-up Santa and eight tiny pom-pom reindeer. Scavenge your local thrift store for the tackiest ones of all at a cheap and affordable price. Goodwill is quite possibly the island of misfit toys for these tacky sweaters. Add some eggnog, a batch of cookies, and a few classic Christmas tunes to the mix, and you’ve got yourself one happy holiday party!

Bake Christmas cookies: The smell of warm, fresh-baked cookies wafting from the community oven will put you in a cheerful Christmas mood. Whip up a batter of cookies dough and some decorative sprinkles for added decorating fun. Cookies also make fun cheap gifts. And if you’re short on time, there’s always those delicious ready-to-bake Pillsbury ones. The best part is deciding who gets to lick the bowl.

Embrace other holidays: If your friends celebrate Hanukah and Kwanza, spend time learning about their holiday’s traditions. Embrace each other’s cultures for a well-spirited holiday experience!

Are you at school and in the spirit?

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