Down with Winter Break!

Down with Winter Break!

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5 weeks of break is entirely too much break. People in high school probably won't get this. But the college kids out there know what I'm talking about.

When you're in college, it's pretty easy to get used to your own schedule. You know, staying up till 4, waking up 5 minutes before class, then catching up on sleep in the afternoon. Hey—it works. Sometimes. Not always. Hardly ever, actually. Still, you grow used to this schedule, and then you go home for break, and your parents impose a midnight curfew, which not only throws off your rhythm, but destroys your new found sense of independence. Trust me, pretty much all college students get this. Just when we've had a taste of being able to (somewhat) write our own rules, we go home, and are frustrated when we have to follow our parents' again.

There's also the problem with your diet. Keeping in line with my new found sense of independence, I've held to a pretty steady pattern of never ever eating spinach at school. It's a plant, not a food, and you will never convince me otherwise. Unfortunately, this pattern has been... disrupted. I'm more than a little put out. My soda intake has gone down, my milk intake has gone up, I feel healthier on the whole, and I'm furious about it.

But the main problem with 5 weeks of break is the boredom factor. I haven't spent this much time lounging around in an oversized armchair in years. So you say: why don't you get a job, you lazy piece of excrement? Well, that's just the problem. People aren't thrilled to give hours to a college student who will take one week to get back into the swing of things (or one week to be trained, if it's a new job). It disrupts everybody's schedule, and someone always ends up without as many hours as they want. I worked as a cake decorator in a bakery over break. When I wanted more hours, they were given, but then I decorated ALL the cakes, and ended up baking rolls in 3-hour shifts for two weeks. When you work a total of 15 hours a week, you have a LOT of free time. I've read 5 books, finished the first season of The Good Wife, and rewatched a good portion of Community (seasons 1 and 2, of course. Season 3 is awful.).

At this point you say:"why don't you have friends? Are you weird? Do you smell?" And I answer, yes, I am weird, and I do smell. (My girlfriend can attest to that.) I DO have friends, though. At school. You see, as much as I don't want to be the one to break it to you, I think someone should: It's tough to stay friends with people when you go to schools 8 hours apart. Yes, if you try hard, it's possible, but it's really difficult. Sometimes, if you made the right friends in high school, it won't matter. You'll have enough in common that you won't need to be in constant contact, and can start right back up where you left off. This is my case. Unfortunately, of my two remaining friends from high school, one didn't come home for break, and the other works night shifts at a gas station and sleeps during the day. Other than them, unfortunately, I've lost touch with most people from high school. So I ended up on my couch. When do classes start, again?

Ginger’s Song of the Week: Your high school friends might drift away, but the great thing about family is that they’re a bit harder to get rid of. My nana took me to the symphony, a performance of one of my favorite Tchaikovsky pieces. It’s hard to choose just one favorite.

Are you home and bored?

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