Bowling, Boys, and Bets

Bowling, Boys, and Bets

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Boy, does the Faye drama really heat up this week. Are you ready? —Sparkitors

Holy Haberdashery, Batman! He did WHAT?!

Oh wait, I'm getting ahead of myself—let’s talk about College stuff first!

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve only been back in school for a couple weeks and the material isn’t that hard yet, or if I’m finally getting the hang of this whole “college” thing, but schoolwork hasn’t been nearly as overwhelming as it was last semester. I still have a ton of work to do, but it’s manageable. And I have pockets of free time when I can do fun things, like shopping! I know, I know—when I'm drowning in exams it'll suck again, but hey, it always gets better.

Looking back on last semester, I realize that I didn’t do anything! Club and school activity-wise, I mean. Sure, I signed up for a whole lot of clubs, but I didn’t go to any meetings. I still get emails from the knitting club, although I have no idea how to knit. (Why did I sign up for that?) So this semester, I’ve decided to get more involved, starting with something I’ve wanted to do since way back during the summer when I was blogging The Naked Roommate: I’m going to rush a sorority!

Right now some of you are screaming, “No, Faye! Sororities are bad! They’re all mean girls and hazing.” And you even be right in most cases...but not ALL sororities are like that. The sorority I’m looking at is the engineering sorority. The girls I talked to at the informational meeting seemed really nice! They talked about normal, nerdy girl things (like which Disney princess they would want to be) and answered questions I had about different classes. It actually seemed a lot like the National Honor Society, complete with mandatory tutoring hours and fundraisers. Rush is this week, and it mainly involves ice-breakers and different “getting to know you” activities. They only take 5-10 girls, though, so wish me luck!

And now, the reason that people keep coming back to my column for more: it's Ash time!

College Fact #13: Oh, everyone knows.

There are no secrets in college. Apparently, my love life is the hot topic of the floor. The other girls' suite has been keeping a careful record of every move Ash and I make. One of my friends has been working as a double agent, gathering information about my feelings and sharing with the group. I’m slightly irritated by the lack of privacy…but also incredibly flattered. I’m much more interesting than I thought I was!

Things last week were…confusing.

We were all snuggling on JB’s lovesack watching a movie again...but this time, things were different. When I put my head on Ash’s shoulder, he put his arm around me. Except it was more than that, since I was practically wrapped in his arms. The movie basically ended for me right then,  since my mind was otherwise occupied. Did that mean that he liked me? Or were we just snuggling ironically? Is it even possible to snuggle ironically?

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful...until the weekend.

A group of people on our floor were going bowling, so Ash and I decided to tag along. (Fun fact: I used to be on a bowling team.) The first game I got an 80-something. But the second game, I was on fire. Halfway through, Ash’s and my scores were pretty close, although I still had the lead.

Me: I’m almost tempted to make another bet with you.

Well, we’ve already done breakfast twice. I say we raise the stakes and do dinner. Loser pays for half of the winner’s meal.

Me: Hmm, maybe.

(Ash then proceeds to get a strike.)

Me: Woah, never mind. There’s no way I’m making this bet.

By the ninth frame, I had a 30-point lead and it was obvious I was going to win.

Ash: You know, it’s not too late to make that bet.

I’m not a particularly brave person. I don’t consider myself bold or direct. Actually, I’m kind of a chicken.  That’s why I have no idea why I said what I said next...

Me: No. If you want to go to dinner with me, you’re going to have to ask me on a date yourself.

Ash: Ok. Dinner. Tomorrow night.

I know, I screwed everything up, I shouldn’t have…wait…WHAT?! Did he just ask me out?

You know what I hate? When authors leave you with a gigantic cliffhanger at the end of a book, and you’re stuck waiting for the next book to come out. That really sucks.

Well, until next week. Sleep is for the weak,

Faye ;)

Ahhh! What just happened? Did Ash just ask Faye out?????

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