Valentine's Day with Faye and Ash (Spoiler: Pokemon is involved)

Valentine's Day with Faye and Ash (Spoiler: Pokemon is involved)

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We think Faye might have had one of the cutest Valentine's ever. Anyone want to second that opinion? —Sparkitors

Ahh, Valentine’s Day: a day for sappy couples to exchange overpriced gifts that express their fondness for each other. I LOVE IT! And that’s not just because I finally have a S.O. to celebrate it with. I liked Valentine’s day back when it was still Single’s Awareness Day, too. That’s right, I’m a Valentine’s hipster.

Anyway, since Valentine’s was on a Tuesday, and since college stops for no man (or woman), Ash and I decided to do a pre-Valentine’s dinner on Saturday. So did every other couple in a 10-mile radius, which meant it was impossible to get a reservation, but we finally wound up at a cute Italian diner right on campus. After dinner we went to Barnes & Noble because we’re nerds and that’s what nerd couples do on Saturday nights. I pointed out all the fluff teen novels I’ve read (and there were a lot, which was slightly embarrassing). Then we went to Target to buy more food! Ash went vegetarian for February, although I’m not entirely sure why. He said he just wanted to see if he could do it, but then he also said he did it because he thinks it will help him get his six pack abs. Either way, it’s nice to have someone to commiserate with over the lack of vegetarian options at the dining halls, which is why we went to Target to pick up some real fake meat. And nothing says vegetarian like double bacon cheese burgers (veggie-style of course)! I still had a lot of homework left to do, which I every intention of working on when we got back to the dorm. That didn’t happen—we made out for a while instead.

After classes on Tuesday, I found my present waiting outside my door. Ash got me a Frog Prince plushy holding a heart that says “kiss me” (stuffed animal bearing a statement of his affection) and Skittles (chocolate substitute). He timed it perfectly so that as I was squee-ing over the cuteness of it, he came up behind me with a bouquet of ever-cliché red roses. He also got me a book on Egypt that I’ve been ogling at through the school bookstore’s window since the end of November. It was perfect.

As for what I finally got him: I found a love-ball online (which any hardcore Pokemon fan would know is a pink Pokeball with a heart on it), which I thought was rather appropriate for the occasion. I wrapped it inside a box, in a box, in another box. It’s been overdone, but it was kind of priceless to see him meticulously unwrap the first box, only to discover there was another box inside. I also gave him a super-cheesy Pokemon love poem (which I didn’t write, but I printed it out and colored it).

"Charmanders are red, Squirtles are blue, if you were a Pokemon, I’d choose you," and so on. Yeah, it was that good. And Ash seemed to like it, which was kind of the point! After dinner in the dining hall, I spent 3 hours in the library finishing the homework I didn’t get done over the weekend. I should have just hung out with Ash for a little bit and then gone to sleep. That didn’t happen—we made out for a while instead.

College Fact #17: I love us.
The honeymoon phase is awesome. Sure, I’m tired because I hang out with Ash when I’m supposed to be sleeping. Yes, I might have been making out with him earlier instead of writing this article, which is why it’s midnight and I’m not asleep yet. But life is goooooood. Also, I recently discovered chai tea lattes at Starbucks. Insta-awake in a cup!

And now, a writer’s dilemma: What do you write about when the conflict’s resolved? Seriously though, the whole Ash plot-line (does he like me, does he not like me) thing has pretty much worn itself out. I think it’s PRETTY obvious that he likes me. So Sparklers, I need your help! What do you want to read about? What are your burning questions about college, about boyfriends, about the meaning of life? Anything! Let me know!

Until next week,

Sleep is for the weak.

Faye :)

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