Unicorn Touching and Adorable Scars

Unicorn Touching and Adorable Scars

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Talie can't remember most of last week ... except for, you know, the painful parts. But at least her fingers are still attatched! —Sparkitors


Please excuse my spontaneous and completely uncalled-for bleching. I’m just trying to shake myself out of this weird recovery funk that I’ve been in for the past two weeks. I don’t really remember much of last week due to the painkillers that the doctor gave me. Nor do I remember writing the last post OR taking that lovely picture, so those must’ve been some heavy-duty painkillers… not that I minded, because, according to my parents, I was lovin’ life whilst on them. Still, I do wonder what other things I might have done that have slipped my memory. Stopped a bank robbery? Ate live octopus? Touched a unicorn? Anything could've happened. I'm going with the unicorn story.

Needless to say, I didn’t do anything on the Bucket List during the Week of the Dessicated Finger. The good ol’ doc said that I needed to rest because my body would be tired from recovering from the shock or whatever. Which was fine with me, because my parents were serving my every whim.

This week was a bit more exciting, due to the fact that I got my stitches off on Monday. And by “exciting,” I mean “excruciatingly painful.” First of all, when the doctor saw my finger he said “wow.” MUST THAT BE EVERYONE’S REACTION WHEN THEY SEE IT?? Second of all, the nurse came in and took the stitches out—without numbing me. AND THAT REALLY HURT, I MIGHT ADD.

I’m gonna have some sweet scars. SWEET SCARS. And I’m pretty exciting about those, which is apparently weird (according to my mother). Oh, you would like to see another picture of my finger? Well, I don’t know, some people might not really want to see that and I don’t think—okay fine, you convinced me. Here:

How would you describe this finger? Yummy? Delicious? SEXY?? I vote for all of the above. I’ve also been trying to figure out some exciting stories to go along with the scars. So far I’ve got knife fight and shark attack. I need to come up with something more original. Any ideas?

Despite the fact that I didn’t finish anything on the Bucket List, I did work on some stuff. I’m 90% percent done with the play! FINALLY. Granted, it was difficult typing with only nine tenths of my fingers available, but somehow I managed to pull through. Though I still can’t really play the ukulele because it hurts my finger, which is really too bad because I'm sure some good ukulele music would help the healing process. Maybe I should learn to play with my toes instead.

A good way to sum up my week? Pinterest. Facebook. Real books.

Or you could just say tragically uneventful.

But something exciting’s gonna happen. I can feel it… or maybe that’s the after-effects of the painkillers talking.

Talie :)

What story should Talie tell about her scars? (Besides the truth, obviously.)

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