A Division III Tennis Player Takes On Florida (and Gets Sunburned)

A Division III Tennis Player Takes On Florida (and Gets Sunburned)

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When I signed up to play Division III tennis, I didn't think it would turn into anything serious. My school has a “no cut” policy, so I thought it'd just be a way to get on campus a few weeks early, make friends a few weeks early, hopefully stave off the freshman 15, and maybe play some no-stress, non-competitive tennis once in a while. I'm not actually that good at tennis, you see.

You can imagine my surprise, then, when I got to go down to Florida for the first week of spring break to play tennis at NATIONALS.

My surprise was doubled when I actually got to play a competitive match (I usually play exhibition matches, i.e. ones that don't go on the permanent record and nobody cares about). And my surprise was tripled when I won said match.

So what do athletes do on trips to Florida? Well, the vast majority of the team played two, if not three matches a day, which must have been incredibly fun for them. I, however, only played for about three hours total during the week, and spent the rest of the time sitting around. I'll give you the statistical breakdown of the rest of the week anyway; it'll probably give you a better idea of what the heck athletes do on trips anyway.

Total traveling hours clocked: +25

avg listens of “Party Rock Anthem” per day: 4 (I was about to shoot something or someone, most likely LMFAO)

total number of jars of Nutella consumed by the team over a one-week period: 4

total number of jars of Nutella consumed by me over a one-week period: 3.5

avg number of Firefly episodes per day: 2.5

avg layers of sunscreen per hour: .5

avg number of sunburns per day per person: 1

total sunburn count: can this level of pain really be quantified? I'll put it above childbirth, and below stepping on a lego in the dark

avg number of emotional breakdowns per team per day: 4

avg number of emotional breakdowns of my team captain per day: 3

rackets sworn at: innumerable

rackets thrown: many

rackets broken: 2

number of times email was checked: 2

number of times facebook was checked: 1

Final match score of the women's team (including the fall season): 18-0, suckas!

So if you'll excuse me, I'm about to spend the second week of spring break cooking for myself (I bought groceries and everything! Like a freaking adult) and watching Arrested Development (like a freaking adult).

Ginger's Song of the Week: I've been on a hip-hop binge lately, and even if you hate rap, there's a fairly decent chance you'll think this song is incredible (hint: listen to the backing track. Highly effective use of a brass section). And if you don't, you get your money back, guaranteed!

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