What I Learned My First Week On Campus

What I Learned My First Week On Campus

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I have officially been living on campus at my brand new college for 1 week now, and as one might expect, things aren't quite the way I expected them to be... So I decided to make a list of the top things I have learned already in my very first week of college :)

1. It is nearly impossible to shave in the shower. Having always had a shower/tub combo at my house, I had always been able to sit to shave my legs. Not possible here. I have, however, developed a way of balancing with one leg way up in the air and managing to shave that way....My flexibility is improving greatly!

2. The food at the cafeteria is crazy expensive. Like, ridiculously. One should only eat there if you have a meal plan...

3. Professors are a lot less formal and more accessible than the teachers at my high school. My honors professors even have us call them by their first names!

4. It is nearly impossible to get any studying done in my room. The other girls in my suite want to hang out or they bring friends and are loud and make it hard to focus....the library, student center, or honors building are the best bets for studying

5. There is a lot more down time than I'm used to. Half the time I don't know what to do to myself, so I've started working out at the on-campus gym (we have a 3-story climbing wall!)

6. The freedom is FABULOUS! Boyfriend asks me to go on a weekend trip to Southern Utah with him, no problem! I don't need to ask my parents!

7. Telling my parents what's going on in my life is important, though. They want to know, and I want to tell them. Even though I didn't think I'd miss them or get homesick, I do, and I talk to them almost everyday! I thought it would be more like once a week...

8. Roommates are not really who they seem to be over Facebook and email. I knew it'd be hard to get a good read on them that way, but it was even more difficult than I thought! The girl I thought would get on my nerves is my best friend out of the girls in the apartment, and the one I thought I'd get super close to is causing problems. On that note...

9. It's important to report if your roommate is doing something dangerous, like illegal drugs. Even if you don't want her to hate you or necessarily to get her in trouble, there should be a program with people, peer mentors and counselors in my case, that you can talk to about the problem in order to figure out what to do. If you just ignore the problem and they get caught, you can be held partially accountable and get in some serious trouble as well.

10. Roommates are great to hang out with and it's important to get along with them, but it's also really important and wonderful to branch out and meet other people on campus. College is all about expanding your horizons, and there are so many wonderful people there, it would be silly to limit yourself to your room or even your building!

11. Not everything goes the way it should. There are so many hoops to jump through and the financial office makes mistakes and the mailroom messes up your mailbox, and then nobody answers their email so you don't have access to any of your mail and it's horribly frustrating!! ....or maybe that one's just me...

12. The campus bookstore will never have everything you need when you need it. And it's overpriced. Try looking online instead; BN.com has some great prices.

13. College is fun. It's hard and complicated, but there's so much to learn and experience, and I just can't wait to experience even more! Go Class of 2016!

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