What Your Breakfast Says About Your Study Habits

What Your Breakfast Says About Your Study Habits

By Shivani

Your personality—the very essence of your being—is really just a conglomeration of your habits, ticks, and reindeer beanies that people use to identify you. The way you decorate, dance and even breathe* all clue people in to the way you live and deal with the world. And when it comes to college, nothing is quite as telling as your breakfast. Whether you’re munching on a granola bar in your 8 a.m. women’s lit class or running out the door with handful of Cheez-its to Film Critique 101, we can tell what kind of student you are and where on the curve you probably fall.

1. Cold Pizza

Last night's dinner, likely consumed while wearing last night's outfit, demonstrates your laissez faire attitude. You’re that person that manages to procrastinate working on a twenty-page paper until eight hours before the deadline and still get an A. It’s both frustrating and awe-inspiring to be in a class with you. You are the very definition of a slacker scholar and are probably a member of Mensa (something that you are too cool to brag about). One day, you will invent the iPad.

2. Cereal With a Mission

The words "bran," "whole grain," and "high fiber" feature heavily on the box of your favorite breakfast. You’re as dependable as your bowel cycles, and are the rock of any study group. You consistently take notes in class and are nice enough to lend them out with being passive aggressive about it. You are a rare gem.

3. Coffee, Black

... Maybe with a dash of sugar and cream if you’re in the mood, capped into a to-go cup with one of those little anti-spill dagger things in the lid. The key to your mornings is efficiency. You absolutely do not have time to fall in love by spilling your coffee on someone's plaid shirt right now. You’re meticulous and organized, and people are always asking you to join their study groups, but you tend to decline—nothing personal, you just work better on your own. You’re a lone wolf in the great collegiate landscape that makes its home in the cold, quiet stacks of the library.

4. Coffee, Fancy

According to everyone else, it’s too early, but for you, with your special blend of caramel, chocolate, and whipped cream (and double espresso) and animal hat-scarf, it is just late enough to perform a spontaneous rendition of the Dirty Dancing routine in the quad, plus you have energy to burn! You may not have perfect attendance or get the questions right every time you enthusiastically wave your hand in the air, but you manage to come out with decent grades every time.

5. The Whole Shebang

Eggs, bacon and toast. Rome wasn't built in a day that didn't start with a hearty breakfast. We suspect you have a butler or a mother who hinges your wellbeing on a good breakfast. Either way we’re jealous. Your study incorporates the help of others, from friends who can compare notes to tutors to all-night omelette chefs.

6. Nothing

You're not a nihilist, but a realist. Unlike other students, you tend to listen to your body, and most of the time it’s not into breakfast in the morning. You also tend to feel your way through your assignments and exams. You have somehow internalized enough concepts and themes to write your art history papers and your citations are really just for show. What was Dickens exploring in his masterpiece, A Tale of Two Cities? It feels like he wanted to discuss the cobbler trade.

7. Smoothie

Did you put protein powder in that? You’ve probably been up since 6:00 a.m., working out and being more productive than everyone else. People both hate and deeply respect you, like Gwyneth Paltrow. Your disciplined nature shows how you handle things academically too. Homework gets done ASAP and studying for exams happens in one-hour sessions over the course of two weeks.

8. Toaster Waffles

Gwynie would be horrified. You’ve managed to hold on to your childhood thus far and are staying strong in your mission to never grow up. Instead of using pens or pencils, you do your homework exclusively with crayons, markers and glitter glue. Your major is somewhere between marketing and studio arts and people are fond of the creative flair you bring to projects.

*Shoutout to mouth-breathers!

What is your breakfast style?

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